You're Not In The Old Republic Beta, But You Can Explore The Galaxy In 3D

After accidentally getting thousands of gamers' (myself included) hopes up with an erroneous beta email, BioWare makes up for it (slightly) with a nifty 3D galaxy map, allowing potential players to see all the places beta testers are hanging out, having fun.

All you need to browse the planets, sectors, and starships of The Old Republic is the Unity Web Player and a browser to steer her by. This nifty little application lets you hop about the galaxy like a mad galaxy-hopping bunny, absorbing info on its various planets and viewing its starships in full pan-and-zoom 3D. It's almost like being there.

Almost. Stupid email.

The Old Republic Galaxy Map [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


    Whilst it's a neat little thing, it definitely doesn't make up for getting so many people's (including my own) hopes up. We are dissapointed, Bioware.

    @Mike, thanks mate!

    Meh, its not like we can get in the beta anyways :(

    No beta for me. Oh well, I will just have to cry while masturbating to this.

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