Yup, Ezio Is In Soulcalibur V

That'll teach me to doubt!

It's been confirmed tonight that Ezio, star of the last three Assassin's Creed games, will be making a guest appearance in upcoming fighter Soulcalibur V.

As far as these wacky guest appearances go, he's...surprisingly tasteful. Appropriate, even, given the series' loose affiliation with world history and things with sharp edges.

You can check out his debut trailer below.

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    penny arcade explains this best


      More specifically, here:

    But... he doesn't have any boobs.

      hmmm you make a valid point... man or otherwise

    Is that James Remar doing the voiceover at the start and end?

    I sure hope they're will be an Altair costume, I prefer him.

      That would be awesome. Also I must note this is way better than Yoda in the last game! Pretty much on par with Link in Soul Calibur II in fact.

    best cameo SC character ever!

    He looks awfully slick in the game. Looking forward to it.

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