1.6 Million WoW Players To Switch To Old Republic?

A recent survey has found an estimated 50% of World of Warcraft's playerbase has grown tired of the game. It also reckons between 900,000 and 1.6 million WoW subscribers will jump ship to Old Republic once it launches. [Develop]


    Yep i played the beta and thats all i need wow is dead to me

    (Let's ignore the length of the article for a moment...)

    I imagine many WoW players try out other new "Next Big Thing" titles... but they always retain their WoW subscriptions, and always end up going back.

      Maintaining ownership of their accounts? Sure.

      Continually paying their subscription fee? Doubt it.

      Blizz has already sweetened it by throwing in Diablo III, but like it or not, people will stop paying to play this game, which is more important too shareholders. Being an ex-WoW player myself, it does wear thin, and people are desperate to try different things (eg Warhammer Online, Rift). If Old Republic is compelling enough, they might stay, instead of going back to WoW.

      Again, for the serious raiders, just 'quitting' isn't easy, because it has to be a group effort. Like switching servers or factions, a guild would have to make a choice to change to Old Republic.

      I think this time it's different. Most of the time, when people have left for other games there hasn't been as much weariness in the WoW playerbase. The most recent was Rift, which launched excellently and kept a lot of its playerbase despite having some serious problems.

      Cataclysm was absolutely necessary and in my opinion a fine expansion, but I think it's damaged the game beyond repair. The game's been going on for a while now and there's only so long a game of that design can still be fun; one big design change and people are liable to get a little fed up.

      My guess is that TOR will do quite well, but it won't reach the heights that WoW did. WoW will lose a lot of players and they'll stay gone. Certainly TOR looks to be a little more progressive than WoW is, although it's absolutely beat by Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World on that front. TOR's biggest problem is that, well, the same one WoW has; there's only so much you can take the DIKU formula, and WoW pushed it to its absolute limit.

    Man, I never really got into the 'Luke isn't a journalist' stuff, but this is flat out ridiculous, though I suppose it only makes sense when the source for this news story is just as ridiculous.

    "50% of the playerbase are bored and huge numbers are going to jump ship!"

    Actual stats: "Survey asked 381 online customers and found that 50 per cent plan to buy EA’s The Old Republic. Another 38 per cent declared an interest."

    Pathetic article (or should that be "two sentences" instead?) based on bad sources.

      You expect reasonable informative articles backed up by valid sources and citation from THE Luke Plunkett?
      He's not quite at Fox/ Daily News level yet, but he's getting there.

        well going by the comments in this thread.

        50% of kotaku readers are bored and are going to jump ship to another gaming blog site.

          To be fair; 300+ respondants is a decent number, and I wouldn't be surprised - given preorder figures and a lacklustre expansion - if those figures weren't in the ballpark.

    true to the "going back" thingy.
    thought rift was going to be awesome, it felt really generic, but then you could also say that wow is all i see as a fun MMO.

    Ergh.. Hope you're not paying this guy Kotaku

    It's a legit article, just ignore it if you don't want to read it - other people do.

    So when is the coup to overthrow the US Kotaku going to happen, Aus crew?

    who initally read this as 16 million

    Nice job on the super small dot to trick people.

      Yeah, that kerning sure does a number on this particular headline.

    i find i always get bored of wow move to a different game for a couple of months then always return, but you can only play the one expansion for so long. Cataclysm has really started to drain my enthusiasm for wow. I myself will be definitely stopping wow for a bit just to give old republic a go:)

    yeah, i thought it said 16mill
    came to read this to figure out how that was possible when wow subs have dropped down to 10mil
    havent played wow for a long time, but i will be playing swtor at launch

    So I read this on the main page and thought to myself, "Hey, that might be an interesting article." I clicked on it to find that all that comes up on the main page is all that come up here.


    Thats it, im not reading kotaku anymore, getting fed up with this kind of "article"

    They said the same thing about Warhammer. Just because this is the players INTENT, it doesn't mean they'll find the game good and actually jump ship.

    Every MMO since wow has tried and failed.
    AoC, Warhammer online, RiFT, Aeon.... I'm sure there are others.
    Point is, to make and keep a MMO sucessful you need player and community support. Warhammer online was a great game with great IP and yet the servers were empty.
    I haven't read much about TOR but i hear its a singleplayer game with RPG and Co-Op elements. Doesnt sound much like a MMO, and doesnt sound like a strongly story driven experience can have much endgame replayability. Have to wait and see i guess.

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