100 Ways To Die In Skyrim, The Musical

This 14.5-minute long video delivers 100 ways to die in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (and more than a few laughs) set to Elvis' A Little Less Coversation.

Two great things in one great video. Enjoy.


    Some of those were obviously set-ups, but some were freaking weird. Glitches, or...?

    That was hilarious, is ther bugs though? Seems like a bunch of dying for no reason.

    the majority were fake...

    Seems like 90% of them are "attack guy you clearly can't beat" and "fall over".

      Yeah, punch jarl, servant, blacksmith, old lady etc. and dont fight back.
      I got bored, I couldnt watch it all

    It would appear he's bound a kill command and is hitting it when it suits him.
    Ffffff all that and he didn't even finish it with a dragon's execution?
    And who is this India Jones chap?

    Yea, most of them were done by the console, like kills commands and adding bounty on a few. It was hilarious though :D

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