210,000 People Are Playing Skyrim On Steam

The nifty Steam game stat tracker shows that about 210,000 people are currently playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That's compared to the distance second place Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which hit a peak at 78,000 or so players today.


    It's currently at 231k. Keeps getting higher.

      AHA the Skyrim pile doesnt stop from getting taller.

        HE HE HE

      No need to be snappy. ; )

    'Distant', you illiterate fool.

      That made me laugh hahaha


    I'll be joining them as soon as ozgameshop delivers my copy. Can not wait!

      I thought Skyrim was region locked?

    Sort of demonstrates the difference between the console and PC demographic.

      Don't synonimise 'Console' with 'Casual' or 'Mainstreamist', dide.

    That's because all the CoDders are playing on Xbox and PS3.

    Just shows How many people bought it on PC, and shows that Bethesda has to focus on PC now and start pushing it some more.

    I have sunk 17 hours already, I know its pretty bad. Currently screwed because I have done the battle for white run and its crashing constantly. Might have to open up and go back to a earlier save and do other stuff, until they fix it. But yea Bugs are plenty in Skyrim, not like the Mojave Desert but its annoying because everything else is amazing.

      lol Skyrim will sell in the millions and between 10 and 20% will be pc game sales. Trust me Bethesda knows it needs a consoles more than PC. PC is just the easiest to develop for that's why it's on PC.

    sunk 13h straight on the first day, absolutely loving it so far.

    Haven't been immune to bugs though, at one stage wasting 15mins on a 'puzzle' that was 'solved' by walking out of the map and back in ^^

    Does anyone else get random encounters running up forcing you to talk mid battle leaving you dead? Ive had it twice now in areas away from roads... Frustrating. But great game

      I have a funny story with a bug like that, I was riding in the springs south of winterholm when I saw a dragon ahead, I rode ahead, got off my horse to face the dragon. Well there was one lady running towards me yelling "Help me Help", I was like yea, dam straight I am, I am going to fight this dragon. The dragon drops in epic fashion infront of me, and the lady triggers and enforced conversation while the dragon is burning me. Some story about her being kidnapped, so I died. I repeat from a quick save and guess what same thing happned. 3rd time I managed to break it from pressing tab (didn't know at the time), Killed the dragon and saw the lady running off. I perused the lady, in which see got in a fight with dogs, being the hero I am I went in swinging where upon I accidently hit her and she died. But the first time was so epic before she RUINED IT, with the dragon dropping infront of me.

    Have played about 10 hours so far. Loving it. As far as bugs, have not been hit up by anything too bad. Couple of desktop crashes, but that's about it.

    274k now...

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