30 Seconds Of Skyward Sword: An Amazing Boat

I showed four moments from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword this week. Those four moments that might not be the mostly obviously spectacular moments in the new Wii Zelda, but each of them shows off one of its strengths: the combat twists, the music, the art direction, the atmosphere... and today, I'm going to show the brave among you a spoiler.

It's an example of the game's bright new gameplay ideas. Technically, it's a boat. An amazing boat. But don't watch this clip if you want to save one of Skyward Sword's best ideas for yourself to discover.

For those of you who do decide to watch: You reach this part about halfway through the game. Or at least I did, sometime past the 20-hour mark, maybe even around 25 (it's been a while!).

Nintendo restricted any clips I captured of the game to about 30 seconds, so you're just getting a glimpse. Enjoy.

Note for those who gave into temptation and watched, despite themselves: You haven't seen anything yet.


    wow a boat, amazing.

    A boat that brings its own water... next it will be a train that moves in a giant hamster wheel of track. You know if you make that small enough you're just driving a car, right?


    What a bore. Same shit new packaging. I may as well go play Ocarina of Time while looking through a mirror. It will be just as much a new experience as this.

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