53% Of Battlefield 3 Players On Xbox 360 Also Played Call Of Duty

Not content with the knowledge that Modern Warfare 3 was always going to sell a ton more copies than supposed rival Battlefield 3, gaming research firm Raptr decided to track how many hours people spent actually playing both games.

Using a combination of data from a 10 million "gamer network" and a 6000-person survey, Raptr found that "users logged an average of 40 per cent more playtime in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360 version) than Battlefield 3 on the respective games' launch days".

Much of the other stats say largely the same thing. That more people spent more time playing Modern Warfare 3 than Battlefield 3. Shocking, I know. But here's a single interesting find: "53 per cent of Battlefield 3 players on Xbox 360 are also playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3".

The so-called rivalry between two actually quite different series did nobody any favours, least of all EA, consumers and message board moderators. It's nice seeing that "rivalry" put in perspective.


    I have both MW3 an BF3 and atm I've got 13+hours BF3 and maybe 3 hours CoD

    I am one of them. Although I played B3 more on launch more cause I waited a few days for MW3 due to the dreaded exam period.

    And this 'rivalry' is just created by lame fanboys and EA themselves. Quite pathetic really.

    I'd say this is more a case of a bunch of MW3 fans played BF3 to fill in time while they were waiting. It seems more likely than people defected from BF3 to MW3.

    The stats also don't seem all that fair, given that the BF3 matchmaking wasn't working so well at launch.

    I played both, but with 55 hours on BF3 and 4 hours on MW3, i'm the same level on both.

      I see what you're implying there, but MW3 is designed for the prestige system.

        i played mw3 for one night and got to rank 45, played bf3 for 39 hours now and only reached rank 30, isnt there 145 ranks in bf3 though? glad i didnt buy mw3

          as McGarnical said, Call of Duty's ranks and levelling is designed with the expectation people will Prestige. Most people prestige at least once, and there's 80 levels per Prestige. Now technically you've unlocked everything in the game at level 80, but you can get further benefits for prestiging, plus it's fun to rank up.

          So MW3 for instance has a potential 800 levels to unlock because you can prestige up to 10 times. Granted, those first 20-30 levels go pretty fast, especially once you know what you're doing.

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