79.9 Years Is Too Damn Long To Play Call Of Duty

In 79 years, I'll probably be dead. So will the vast majority of our readers, save for the little arseholes on Xbox Live. For reader Jeremy (not an arsehole!), 79.9 years is apparently how long it will take him to reach "Prestige" in Call of Duty.

Prestige is, of course, the highest ranking CoD players can reach in mulitplayer, and it is unlocked after the player reaches Level 55. Which is what Jeremy will do in the year 2090 or 2091, depending on how you calculate it.


    Especially considering that there'll be a tonne more Call of Duty games between now and then.

      LOL yeah, probably 80

        80 years, a CoD game each year, no doubt.

    For such a bare-bones article, it sure is full of mistakes and misinformation.

    Just goes to show Ashcraft is generally full of shit. Unlocked after level 55? Try level 80.

    Probably because no one cares how long the newest CoD map pack takes to prestige in. How do you sleep at night knowing Activision just made another $80 off you by selling you a recycled game? I'd be mad...

      almost as mad as any sports game from 2004 onwards

    Ok, so, Ashcraft gets paid to write about games, yet more often than not is wrong about games. If I were that bad at my job, I'd be fired.

    What I'm saying is, I bet he goes through a lot of chap stick.

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