A Children’s Treasury Of Insane Throwing-Knife Kills In Modern Warfare 3

A Children’s Treasury Of Insane Throwing-Knife Kills In Modern Warfare 3

Last night we were sent the clip of the insane bank-shot knife kill you see above, courtesy of the unwitting victim felled by it.

We have no illusions that this is the first WTF knife kill for a game that’s been out for two weeks, and played by millions online since its release. Another year, another Call of Duty, another crazy across-the-map blind knife kill, right? There have been many already, some coming before the game’s official release date, even.

So while we sympathize with reader Dino R. and agree that, yes, this is a total fucking bullshit knife-spam kill and why the fuck doesn’t Infinity Ward nerf these goddamn things, it’s probably not the first time it’s happened. Here are several more, gleaned from YouTube, in the past two weeks. If you’ve seen others or, better yet, have filmed (or suffered) one of your own, feel free to share it in the comments.

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  • some of those are total BS, but they’re fun to watch nonetheless… I’m just thankful there’s no throwing knives in BF3.

  • I reckon these are great. Nerfing them is a ridiculous suggestion. They fit with the style of MW3, just as the slow dogtag-taking animation in BF3 fits with the style of that game.

  • I’ve been waiting for these to show up (or, rather, someone to collate them into one easy digestible post). Love ’em. I reckon if you can throw it and land it, good for you.

    • I agree, if you can pull of shots like this…..haha more power to you.
      I love fluke knife throws…. that banked shot was ridiculous….

  • Number six, on Downturn is not only the least coolest, it really shows of his n00b filmmaking skills.

    Pause, Play, Pause, Play, Pause, Play

  • Props to the second shot, would have been an epic fail if he had turn around otherwise, though the rest are more flukes and arent as impressive, but still fun to watch.

  • I don’t want to be a pain here.. i’ve avoided most of the COD videos like a plague this time around. Always had a soft spot for the knife kills though.

    Apart from clip 2.. the most striking thing about this is how the same it is. I expected a game that had the same control/graphics level etc etc. But.. same animations, same deathscreen layout, same deaths (with the money(wtf?) coming out of the guys. I could go on.

    I don’t want this to be a troll post. Can someone objectively and legitimately tell me what has changed apart from the maps?

    • i also want to know this.
      i assume they added and removed a few guns and i think they also changed the perks a bit. which would be relatively simple and easy to do

    • I would set it out, but – sorry – I really can’t be bothered. I really like it. It feels more polished and satisfying. Lots of small tweaks really add up. For whatever reason the game feels quite different. Battles are much more about the guns and a lot less about the killstreaks. I suggest renting it if you’re at all curious. It doesn’t have any of those online pass shenanigans.

  • On my brother’s account, we’ve both been killed by a random knife already. I never got any random tomahawks kills in Black Ops, not on the giving or recieving end. And yet, two random knife kills already.

    I mean, they’re great and all, I just wish they didn’t happen to me.

  • Got my own one of these tonight. I was playing hardcore and couldn’t remember if throwing knife was on right bumper or left bumper. I pulled right bumper and someone just happened to run in front of me and get my knife in their foot off a ground bank shot!

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