A Guide To Modern Warfare 3 Street Date Rumours

A Guide To Modern Warfare 3 Street Date Rumours

I’m going to put it on the line — I fully believe Modern Warfare 3 is going to hold street date. There have been rumours, and there are a handful of places where you might have a chance of picking up Modern Warfare 3, but a full blown street break? It’s highly unlikely at this stage.

Of course there have been leaks, but in terms of stores selling locally, every single retailer appears to be on message — Modern Warfare 3 will not be on sale until tomorrow.

One notable exception is Dungeon Crawl, the independent retailer in Melbourne. Dungeon Crawl has fully announced it is selling early, with a message on its Facebook page stating…

Modern Warfare 3 360 & PC will be shipped today!

Retail Store ETA 2-4pm! Come at us street date!

PS3 ETA Tuesday/Wednesday.

Dungeon Crawl has confirmed multiple times that it’s selling early, but considering the fact that its copies are grey imports, it can’t be considered a proper street break, similar to the Ocarina of Time/GameTraders situation earlier this year.

We also heard rumours that some big retailers, such as Big W and Kmart were selling, but after a quick ring around all the local retailers, it looks as though everyone is well aware of the correct release date of the game, and are loath to sell before that date.

On the EB Games Facebook page, a user posted this image, which was promptly removed.

A Guide To Modern Warfare 3 Street Date Rumours

It looks as though this store in particular is selling early, most likely by mistake. The store is apparently located in Hawthorne, Victoria, but moderators on the EB Games Facebook page quickly removed the pic. Others are reporting that Australian friends on Xbox LIVE are already playing the game.

So that’s it, for now. It looks as though the Modern Warfare 3 street date will hold firm, which is a surprise. Retailers are under a massive amount of pressure to break, but it appears as though the amount of money invested in midnight launches, along with strong messaging, has ensured that the date will hold.

Thanks to Cas Britton and Brendan Keogh for the updates!


  • Only reason EB removed the pic as they’ll probably get into trouble for breaking street date first, if some other store does it first, they’ll be right onto it and wouldn’t care about the picture anyway. Still at $99 for a new release without any perks, you’d be plain stupid to buy it, and not wait a day and get it somehwere else for $20 cheaper.

    • EB like to jack the price on on the game when they break street date they knoe your gonna think twice about saying no becuase youlll want it early.

      they did same thing with BF3 they wanted 109$ 1 day early when all the other store had it for like 20$ less

      • Oh hai there Brian. What you doing reading a MW3 article? Lulz… On another note I already have my hardened edition of MW3. 🙂

  • I wish I’d actually bothered to go into the store to check this out, but the Game store in Westfield Hornsby, NSW, had a particularly large sign saying something to the effect of ‘store opening at 10am 07/11/11 for CoD: Modern Warfare 3’, when I walked by it this morning.

    Not having gone into the store to confirm whether they were selling it or not, I’m sort of assuming they…somehow…got the date wrong. The JB-Hi Fi at the opposite end of the centre had similar signs about opening early on 08/11/11 for the release. Or maybe they are selling it early. The internal speculation sure does make me wish I’d bothered to check!

    • i went into GAME at Hornsby yesterday to enquire about the trade 1 get it for $28 deal and ended up pre-ordering (they are taking Deus Ex which i got heaps cheap so i’m not fussed that JB’s deal is potentially better) and they invited me to go in at 10pm tonight to pay and get everything sorted… but they won’t let anyone leave with a copy until after midnight (12:01am for example)

      i’m not going to bother… i’ll just go in tomorrow during the day n grab it… lol

  • What makes MW3 so special that no one (not all) will break its release date but other games such as Batman and BF3 suffer Broken Street date, what’s the difference? Activision got more lawyers or something like a big F U gun?

    • My guess is that those games were released a few days after the American release whereas MW3 is getting a world wide release.

    • there’s also the fact that there are midnight launches to consider.

      Not much point in having a slew of midnight launches, if you have been selling it 8 hours ahead of time

      • BF 3 broke street date big time. JB Hi-FI sold it nation wide days early and fucked their and everyone else’s midnight launches.

        • Battlefield 3 came out on a Tuesday in the US and Thursday in Australia. So even if it sold on 4pm Wednesday it was still after the release in the US.

          Modern Warfare 3 release is 8/11/11 everywhere so Australia is the one of the first countries to get it

  • i know people are gonna think I’m trolling (heck I would think I was trolling if I red the question Im about to ask), but Im really at a loss, MW3 or Skyrim?

    • I’m hugely into the Modern Warfare games and I’m not buying Skyrim.

      I can’t really answer your question objectively. What are you looking for? A fast paced campaign and the next big multiplayer thing, or hundreds of hours of swords & socercery medieval dungeon crawling and questing and whatnot?

    • Both, haha
      But seriously, in terms of play time i would argue that both will give you a large amount (possibly 100 hours plus). If your buying it for single player then obviously skyrim, but if its for multiplayer then COD. Which do you prefer?

      • *you are
        Also to clarify, both game modes combined with MW3 will give you over 100 hours (probably), although i would say Skyrim would be better due to that much playtime that would be different each time as opposed to the repetitive levelling of COD.
        (Im getting both for sure)

      • oops wrong reply – i think skyrim will appeal to me more, just majority of friends will be online playing MW3 and that would be fun, after spending hundreds on Sonic, Uncharted and Battlefield funds are alittle dry so can only choose one

    • i think skyrim will appeal to me more, just majority of friends will be online playing MW3 and that would be fun, after spending hundreds on Sonic, Uncharted and Battlefield funds are alittle dry so can only choose one

    • EB are betting that the street date will break. They’ve put the kibosh on any midnight release plans because they know it’s going to break. They even made sure to get the stock in days in advance. I just saw how big my Collector’s Edition was… It’s going to be fun carrying that home on the train.

  • Maybe the reason we’re getting PC Batman on 26th instead of 18th in Europe is because the street break riled the publishers. 🙂 Street breaks might not be so great after all. 🙁

  • There is a GAME store in TUGGERANONG of ACT/NSW that is selling it now. A friend of mine just bought a copy down there… not joking either.

  • That picture might have been posted on the EB Games facebook page but those are most definitely not EB price stickers.
    Wonder who it is… Dont recognise those price stickers at all.

  • Yep, I definitely know that store. Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn – walking distance from the Hawthorn campus of Swinburne uni, which I attend. It’s a small games/comics/DVD/Blu-ray store. I won’t post the name, but suffice it to say that if you know the codename of the Wii during development, you’ll know which store it is.

    Of course, classes ended last week XD – not that it affects me, as I’ve simply gone the OzGameShop route for the PC version, because I refuse to pay $100 for a game. No way, no how.

  • I can’t believe Dungeon Crawl are being allowed to sell MW3 early. Don’t people know what a street date is?? I hope they get a huge fine

      • There are reasons street dates are in place. And I hope activision refuse to give any more releases to dungeon crawl/their supplier. Publishers should do what Apple do and only allow ‘certified sellers’ to stock their product. Get rid of all the bad retailer who think they can get away with selling a game early.

        Also Why is it so hard to wait one day?? I’m sure there are millions of other things you could do instead.

        • Problem with that is however if they only sell it to certified sellers only is that ultimately it will only be sold by the big 3, which will mean less competition and the retailers more likely to put their Australia/Store tax really high.

          Funnily enough it also limits the amount of profit they can make off the game if they limit who can sell it.

  • m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=298197606864860&id=100000238706237&refid=13&_rdr#298201210197833
    One EB broke the street date

  • i know for a fact that games like MW3 wont go on sale early by the majors due to the money invested in launches and deals with suppliers/publishers. Such was the case with my 7 years with GAME as a store manager. this was across various titles with comparable excitement surrounding them.

  • I have my copy already. It was shipped from GamesPlus(formerly DVD Crave) on Friday and turned up in the mail today.

  • I wouldn’t call this a broken street day, but me preorder copy arrived this morning in Darwin (I’m thinking it’s a case of trying to get it to arrive on the 8th or whatever because we don’t actually have guaranteed overnight shipping, unless that’s changed recently) but yeah I have my copy will wait till tomorrow to play it though

    • Oop, an update, JB Hi Fi called her and said her pre-order was ready for pick up. JB Hi Fi therefore breaking street date?

  • I was the first person to buy copy of MW3 from Dungeon Crawl… does that mean i was the first regular person to purchase MW3 in Australia?

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