A Live Action Minecraft Wedding Proposal

A Live Action Minecraft Wedding Proposal

Reader Matt writes in to tell us how he proposed to his girlfriend up on the big stage at MineCon, getting the wonderful folks at Mojang to play along in getting his future wife up on stage to pop the question.

Congratulations guys, here’s to a lifetime of friendship, love and coop gaming.

From Matt:

“Hey guys!

I’ve been a reader of Kotaku (and submitter of tips!) for some time now. I just wanted to give you a heads up that I was the guy who made the MineCon proposal to my lovely fiance, and I figured that I would offer to answer any questions and make myself available if you guys feel like posting about it. I feel like the proposal wouldn’t have been able to happen had I not have been able to work with such an amazing group of people at Mojang. JunkBoy himself made the artwork on the can, and MinecraftChick pretty much planned it! 🙂 I think you can Google “minecon proposal” to see videos of it, but the hotel wifi is so crappy here I’ve yet to have been able to check it out myself. (still reeling from everything as well).”


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