A Peek Inside The Home Of Skyrim's First Serial Killer

People love to collect in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They collect loot, they collect books, horses and armour. They even collect butterflies in jars. But this guy (I'm assuming he's a him because most serial killers are) likes to collect the bodies of decapitated female companion characters and undress and pose them.

It's just a video from a video game. But the music combined with the fact that this walk-through of a house decorated with the posed, headless bodies of women, is called "Skyrim sex life". makes it feel like something a bit darker.

[Thanks Adrian and Paperghost!]


    There are no comments. There are no comments out of fear.

    I hope the video was made as a gag, otherwise this is seriously fucked up.

      Regardless, its still pretty fucked up

    Don't let Today Tonight or The Project see this video...

    YES! That is amazing!
    I want to shake this guy's hand.

      i might actually play skyrim now

    ze goggles they do nothing!!!

    How does he get the heads? I've never seen a decapitated person in the game....besides the opening scene execution...

      It must be a mod.

      You could dismember peoples bodies in Fallout after you killed them, then pick up their bleeding torso and wave it around. That never stopped being funny.

        You can decapitate, however it is sort of random and you need the skill (only got last night, but it's a nice finishing move)

      2-handed has a perk that normal attack has a chance to decapitate

      pretty sure there's a one-handed perk that lets you decapitate

    That is f***ing sickening....

    Bahaha, loving this, in the most creepy way possible. Wow wow wow wow.

    I blame Dexter and 9/11

    My research/thesis for my Ph.D is investigating the possibility of identifying and tracking sociopaths and psychopaths via game behaviour. It's akin to cruelty to animals being a good indicator of future violence. I'm not investigating whether games cause violent behaviour I'm seeing if they can predict violent mental illness. That video might be a joke, certainly not an innocent joke, but I wouldn't want my family anywhere near that guy.

      It's a game calm down

      Hmmm. Is that your thesis is it?

      I'm with Bill.

      Dude, I think you might need to consider what happens when you stare into the abyss. Because I suspect that might be happening, just a little.

      Just sayin.

      Make sure you preface your entire argument with a well rounded discussion on correlation =/= causation, lest you be laughed out of town.

        I think people that would do that in a game are perfectly normal. They REALIZE it is just a game, that they don't commit an emotional connection to an inanimate being, and that they know that because it is just a game, they are free to do what they want.

    That's just sick.

    I wonder if he played Lambs with them first.

    We are so fucked if any mainstream News channel airs this...

    What the fuck dude. There is no way this is honestly a joke or anything other than sick. I know it's a game but that doesn't make it any less fucked up. Something is seriously wrong with the player and nobody's gonna save us if a mainstream media outlet gets ahold of this.

    i got a boner

    Wow, easy to see who is a thirty year old virgin living in their mama's basement. Not scary, just pathetic.

    I am a mother of two and have been an avid gamer for several years. This video is just completely wrong. I enjoy playing Skyrim and sometimes let my 5 year old son play it. I would be extremely upset if my son was to even lay his eyes on this video.
    I will have you know I emailed Today Tonight and A Current Affair with the link to this video. This is sickening.

      Naughty naughty, you're letting your five year old son play a MA15+ rated game and surf the internet unsupervised..
      You must have Epic parenting skills, I think you should write a book and call it "Epic: How to raise your child not to be a disrespectful psychopath" it would make you millions.

      so you'd be upset if your son saw the video, so you notified nationally broadcast programs who will quite probably show portions of it in a timeslot

        I dislike your smart ass reply to me. I am actually a very responsible mother, my child has to complete his homework and choirs every night, which only then afterwards is he allowed to play his halo/call of duty/gta, etc.

        It is best for all parents to see this content before buying their children the game. Especially before the holiday season. I could not possibly bare seeing a child scared lifeless after walking into that level.

          @Theresa You let a 5yr child play GTA, a game that revolves around hit and runs, hookers, drugs and guns? ....another thing, why the heck would a 5yr old have homework? What kind of monster are you?


            It isn't a level. It's something that a player has made using mods. Besides, kids under 15 shouldn't be playing the game. Says so right there on the front cover.

            @ Theresa Banks, I am a father of 3 and I am a responsible parent, I monitor my childerns internet use, I taught them about ratings on movies and video games (so they know that green and yellow are ok and blue is a maybe) and I also talk to them about difficult social issues that come up from time to time on the news and in the newspapers so i know that they have a good grasp on the whole right and wrong thing.

            The thing is there is no "quest" for doing whats in the video and theres no "level" that its in so you clearly don't have an idea or a trolling leg to stand on.. Its just some random guy/girls twisted dark fantasy or troll.
            Just because someone can do it doesn't mean its an integral part of the game

    What an attention whore.

    what house is that? i wants it

    I agree with people talking about how if it reaches mainstream media we're going to cop it big. Though to be honest I cant tell if its an elaborate troll with the title "Skyrim Sex Life" or just a really fucked up person.

    I'm sorry but how is this anything different to the thousands of artists out there who create exhibitions and installations based on dead bodies and faeces etc.

    Saying this guy is sick just because he's posed all of this stuff is a complete overreaction. It was obviously posted with an intention to illicit a response or it wouldn't have been posted to youtube. Videos like that don't make it in to mainstream sharing areas for the simple fact that perpetrators are too afraid of repercussions. Not to mention it has scary/creepy music being played which has been chosen for dramatic effect rather than a discussion about the piece or just plain silence.

    Personally I think it's a pretty damn amazing piece of work, the posing and the effort needed to do it is good. He creates the atmosphere well through both music and choice of location.

      If this video offends you congratulations; you've failed to see through the incredibly dramatic and carefully crafted appeal to your emotions.

      "A prude is a person who thinks that his own rules of propriety are natural laws." - Robert Heinlein

    I found the video disturbing, and I do wonder about the kind of person that would make such an effort to produce something so grotesque.

    However, I believe it is inappropriate to condemn Skyrim. One of the game's biggest draws is its open nature; the idea that it is a generic low-fantasy world in which the gamer can create his or her own story.

    I won't deny that Skyrim made it possible for this person to express his or her sickness, but (as far as I am aware) the game did not require or even encourage it. In fact, I imagine having killed that many people he or she would have quite the bounty on his or her head.

    I would argue that Skyrim is no more responsible for this than film stock can be held liable for a snuff film, or a pen and notebook responsible for a blasphemous story.

    My main concern is this: something made this person express him- or herself this way. I think it would be far better (and society would be a lot safer) to determine the cause of the video, rather than prosecute the medium.

      Thanks. This was the most thoughtful comment I read.

    You people really are easy prey, aren't you? The whole theme of the week has been hoarding. Can't you see that this is just an natural escalation of that theme?

    First we saw someone who hoarded everything in sight. Then hoarding of weapons. Then there was hoarding of watermelons. Then hoarding dead bodies... Like a pissing contest of "Who can hoard the most CRAZY thing ever". And this clearly tops all of that through pure sensationalism. Seriously, who COULDN'T see something like this coming?

    What makes me laugh the most is how obviously calculated it is for maximum creepiness. All the bodies sitting up in chairs? "The Trophies"? The INTENTIONALLY creepy music? Really? You're kidding me right? You REALLY bought that this was a real persons inner demons expressing themselves via Skyrim? You people are too easy. My hat really goes off to the maker of this video.

    And guyss what, I'm actually excited to find out who would be able to top this! And not because this is grotesque or disgusting, but because it's a testament to how amazingly freeform this game is. Skyrim is an amazing game, I've never seen this much depth or freedom.

    If someone painted this it would have been considered art. Double standards whooo!

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