A Photo-Gallery Look At The Creation Of Minecon's Life-Sized Minecraft Models

Special effects artist and designer Greg Aronowitz has posted a very cool, thorough rundown of his process making the life-sized Minecraft characters that populated last week's Minecraft-only convention, Minecon.

Aronowitz describes how he came on with only two weeks until the convention, and quickly got to work figuring out the design and color-schemes that would allow him to get every character to match its on-screen counterpart as well as possible. The biggest (and most fun)-sounding challenge was the giant model of an Enderdragon that they made at the last minute.

It's all very cool stuff, and while Aronowitz's team doubtless put in some sleepless nights getting it done, the end result looks to have been worth it. Check out Aronowitz's full post for a whole bunch of pictures, including some of his favourite fan-made pieces that turned up.

Minecon or Bust [Greg Aronowitz]

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