A Rare Glimpse At Steam Sales Figures

Sadly, Valve never releases sales figures for its Steam digital shopfront on the PC. So we never get an overall idea of how popular the platform is. Sometimes, though, figures slip out, and today is one of those days.

Guillaume Rambourg, from competing service Good Old Games, has revealed sales figures from a single title, The Witcher 2, and it makes for impressive reading if you work for Valve. It's dispiriting if you work for anyone else.

Good Old Games sold 14,000 copies of the game, not bad for a service geared mainly towards retro titles. Rambourg then says all other major digital retailers combined, that being Direct2Drive, Impulse and GamersGate, sold only 10,000 copies. Again, that's combined.

And Steam? It sold 200,000 copies.

If you want to know why EA is so dead-set on cracking the PC digital delivery market, this is why. That's an awful big slice of the pie for a single company to be feasting on.

"Your customers hate DRM" — Rambourg [GI.biz]


    I've read the same news elsewhere and seen GOG's numbers reported as 40,000... not 14,000...


      So nobody cares then? K, just wanted to make sure...

    wow :| over 200k...

    No wonder its a fight for 2nd place in the DD market :/

    That game deserves to sell more copies than that.

      Yeah it really does. It is also pretty sad that when those GotY awards start rolling out, The Witcher 2 is gonna be most likely overlooked in favour of pretty much everything released within the last month. I can already see it getting a lot of 2nd and 3rd places in the RPG category alone

      Those are the digital sales only, the retail and digital sales combined cracked over one million., which for a PC only game I reckon is pretty good

      I was really keen to get it and would have purchased it but they doubled the price over night. from $45 to $89 and its still not back to the original 45 so im still waiting.

    Can't say I buy my games from Steam very often anymore. Not since those shoddy price hikes started.

      Blame the publishers, they're the ones that tell Steam to charge regional prices :c

      Just wait for seasonal sales. Paying full price for digital is the same madness as retail.

        yup, I've already added some cash to my steam wallet now in preparation for the christmas sales, because you're almost guaranteed that something awesome will be on sale and I won't have the money spare in my account.

    Also no wonder they're doing an Xbox version where they could easily clear double that and probably more if it's marketed well enough!

      Ah - but then it will really be a SexBox and we all REALLY WOULDN'T WANT THAT!

    Gabe newell likes his slice of money pie. please dont delay ep.3

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