Activision Cools Fears Of Pre-Release Modern Warfare 3 Bannings

A foreboding, backchannel warning from Xbox Live's top cop seemed to suggest that those who legitimately bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from a retailer, before its official street date, could face sanctions if they played it online. Activision has sought to calm those concerns, although still, it kinda sorta would like for you to wait to open your presents and not spoil the surprise.

Here is the official word, verbatim, from an Activision representative to Kotaku.

We value and appreciate the community's support. We have no interest in banning legitimate copies in these last few days. We just ask for everyone to wait for Tuesday when everybody can play the game together.

Read into that what you will, but it sounds like Activision knows it can't vet who should and shouldn't have an actual retail disc this close to release. Unless you have actually pirated the game and are sending info back that suggests that, I wouldn't worry about looking at what's under the tree before midnight.


    I don't get it, what does this have to do with the PC?

      it's a multi platform game. Every article on it will be tagged PC Xbox PS3 and for whatever reason the first one gets top billing in the home page.

    Why are people looking under trees?

    ^ idiot

    It makes me wonder what has changed over the last couple of years but I'm thoroughly unexcited about this game. I might look under the tree when it has a 50% off sticker on it. Though Call of Duty 3: World in Blatant Cash In Ops 2 will probably be out by then...

    Its a fair call from a caring publisher, don't open your present early.

    But Activision isn't normally caring...

    So people actually want to play MW3 before the first three or four patches come out?

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