Alternate Costumes Start Rolling Out Next Week For Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Fine, so you feel nickel-and-dimed by being "forced" to buy Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You probably want to plan out your fighting game budget carefully from here on out. Maybe Capcom, for once, realises this. That's the best possible explanation as to why they've unveiled the entire DLC roster for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the next few months.

You'll be able to purchase a change of clothes for the game's characters starting next week with the Rising Dead pack. It's out on November 22 for $US4 (PS3) or 320 points (XBL). From then on, costume packs roll out every two weeks at the same price. Additionally, all 48 outfits will be available in a $US20 value pack on March 6, 2012. GameSpot's got the entire roster, so head on over if you want to plan ahead.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Final Breakdown [GameSpot]


    Terminator Ghost Rider is awesome, and HOLY CRAP RETRO RAD SPENCER HELLS YEAH FINALLY!!

    Man It never ends with Capcom does it?3 versions of Streetfighter IV then allready 2 for MVs.C with $20 DLC,talk about milking your fanbase.

      If you think this only started with SF4, you're too young to comment.

        I'm pushing 40 and remember paying $140 for the snes cart of SFII but did'nt bother with:
        SFII Champion edition
        SFII Hyper fighting
        Super SFII etc..
        Your right nothing changes.

    So I'll wait till Capcom throws all the DLC onto another retail release of MvC3. Fool me once Capcom, but never again

      Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Even with 3 different versions of Street Fighter IV, you still had to buy the previous costume DLC if you wanted to use it in ANY version. Ultimate MvC3 is exactly the same. In fact, if you don't have the costume pack from Vanilla MvC3, you don't automatically get it for free in Ultimate, nor do you have Jill or Shuma-Gorath available unless you purchased the previous game's DLC.

    I honestly cannot believe people are Still bitching about this. I just traded MvC3 in and and ponied up the extra 20 dollars. Good price for all the new content.

      Wait, a store seriously gave you $30 when you traded in MvC3 for Ultimate?! Where?

        Not 30. 10. Went to Gametraders, got cash, and then bought it on ozgameshop.

        Correcting first comment, I paid the extra 25

    You know what this game needs? Hats.

    But when is heroes and heralds out?

    Also, I didn't feel ripped off at all mr kotaku article

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