America, France And Britain Ruin Everything In Total War: Shogun 2 -- Fall Of The Samurai

Earlier this year The Creative Assembly took Total War: Shogun 2 players into the past with the Rise of the Samurai downloadable content. In March the company heads in the opposite direction with the standalone Fall of the Samurai expansion pack.

Set in the 19th century some 400 years after the events in the original Shogun game, exploring the seemingly never-ending battle between the Imperial throne and the last Shogunate. America, Britain, and France are hanging about feudal Japan this time around, influencing events and technology and just generally launching the country into a bloody civil war that can only be ended by hours of strategic mouse clicking. It's just the effect our countries have on people.

Four centuries brings plenty of technological advancement to the game's six new warring factions, including railways to enhance trade, ironclad warships to destroy the coastline, and coastal gun embankments to protect the coastline from destruction.

Along with a bevy of singleplayer enhancements, Fall of the Samurai also ushers in the age of multiplayer 2.0, a vast overhaul of the existing multiplayer system, complete with a new 19th century avatar eager to show the oldies how it's done in the far future.

Hit up the link below for more details, and keep an eye on the Total War blog for the latest information on Fall of the Samurai.

Total War: Shogun 2 — Fall of the Samurai announced! [Sega Blogs]


    As long as Tom Cruise is not the last Samurai this looks promising.

      Though it would be pretty cool if Ken Watanabe showed up as the leader of the samurai.

    Eh i lost interest back when they decided to leave units out of the game and then start charging for them in "DLC". Paid DLC always comes off as a money grab and not an extension on the game like its meant to be.

      The question is, is the core game without the DLC complete and good.

      The answer to that, for me at least, is a definite "yes".

      The fact that they made some business decisions such as addons and DLC (which you don't have to buy and won't diminish the game" should not factor into the equation

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