An Epic Adventure Inside The Box Of The Gigantic Skyrim Collector’s Edition

An Epic Adventure Inside The Box Of The Gigantic Skyrim Collector’s Edition

Unleash the dragon! The collector’s edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has arrived, and I’m taking you inside a box so epic it takes two generations of Faheys to get the job done.

While it’s much bigger than it looked on the internet, the Skyrim Collector’s Edition is actually rather light, thanks to the pewter-looking dragon statues inside the box merely looking, cast in a lightweight resin rather that asbestos or lead. Now there’s a load off of my mind.

Speaking of mind, mind the small child squeaks during the video, as the mother of my children decided right before the collector’s edition arrived was a good time to run to the store. If you’d rather embrace the idea of a baby appearing in the Skyrim unboxing video, imagine the takes I had to do over thanks to well-timed crying fits and know joy.


  • I’ve been looking to order this, but I think I’m too late.

    Any places that offer the collectors edition?

    • Honestly, locally you are most likely out of luck, you could have a word with your local store to put your name down on any cancellations, etc… but supposedly AU was sold out in a matter of hours/days.

      However, I know they do ship internationally, but I don’t know if the size of this one will be an issue, but still list all 3 versions of the Collector’s Edition for sale.

    • they got them a plenty in the US at Gaemstop. Are you a Aussie? See if you can get it imported. If that doesn’t work, contact me and I’ll send you one from New Jersey.

  • I’m normally a sucker for collector’s editions, but Skyrim’s is lackluster for $200 imo. If the dragon was made of better materials than plastic, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    • I’m guessing that because he got it early it wasn’t through the normal pre-order system but I would like to know this too. I ordered the PS3 Collectors edition online from EB and despite the “dragon of awesomeness +3” I will be mighty pissed if somebody in the delivery center forgets to include my cloth map in the package.
      That dragon may be cool but I’m basically spending $200 on it, an artbook, the game and a cloth map. If the cloth map isn’t in there does that count as a quarter of my pre-order missing?

      • EB are actually pretty good about this; chances are they will have spare maps. If you don’t get yours with your order, call your local store and ask.

  • Ive only enjoyed two unboxings..
    This one, and the Uncharted 3 unboxing with the guy that plays Nathan Drake.
    Good work!

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