Analysts Expect GTA V Will Be Released In Winter 2012

Can't say I agree with this, I'm expecting GTA V will be released next Christmas, but according to Industry Gamers, most analysts expect GTA V will be released in Winter 2012 (Summer in the northern hemisphere.)

"We believe Rockstar Games is modeling a 4 to 6 month marketing window for their upcoming GTA V release, suggesting a Summer '12 launch period," claimed analyst Mike Hickey.

Michael Pachter agreed with this assumption.

"Would guess it does pretty well when it launches in June. They want to steal everyone's attention, and will do so with a launch in front of E3," he said.

Both analysts also predicted that the game would ship in sell in massive quantities (over 22 million units) but it's tough to argue with that.

But GTA V in six months? I'm a bit more skeptical about that -- what are your thoughts?

GTA V Will 'Steal Everyone's Attention' In Front of E3 2012 [Industry Gamers] via VG247.



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      not enough time to sell all the DLC they'll drop. They need a 9-12 month cycle for that.

      I think mid 2012 sounds right.

    12 months notice on a game that was made of in game footage seems a little excessive to me, June would still be 8 months away which is more than enough time.

    Lets hope it comes out some time within the next year!
    Not anytime soon though I still have battlefield 3, MW3 and LA noire to play :D
    Im wishing it is set in L.A like what San Andreas was But it still gives you the option to travel to Vegas and San Fransisco.

    Maybe. This trailer looks much less like a tech demo than I thought it would...

    I'm hoping for sooner, fearing for later. If it's out in June, I can play it while on parental leave! :D

    I really hope it holds until 2013, for the new consoles, otherwise I can't see it being any better visually than GTA IV or Read Dead.

    If you look at the games this year lining up before xmas, it is crazy and we are already overwhelmed with quality releases... I think June release would be wise as there is no good games out around that time. why did we do shameless gaming in July.... because there was nothing better to play.

    I think its about right. August at the latest.

      Well between this and Transformers Fall of Cybertron - my shameless gaming next year is stuffed! I'm gonna put it out there - May 2012, the game looks well advanced on this trailer.

    The trailer is self was completely game play footage, I'd say this game right now would be pretty fleshed out with some major detail left to do.

      I agree. They likely started development as soon as GTA 4 was finished. They did the same with GTA 4: started as soon as San Andreas was finished.

      I also think GTA 4 was just a taste of what Rockstar could do with the now current-gen consoles. I reckon this will be based on the San Andreas map, but even bigger. This one is gonna be epic.

    Sounds right to me - Rockstar seem to prefer to release in Q2 each year, they did it with GTAIV, RDR and LA Noire...

    I dont think it sounds to far fetched.

    It's entirely possible, I'm banking on either a May or October release.

    With October, every GTA game has been released in the October window except GTA IV, that game was originally planned to release in October also, but MP issues caused the game to be delayed to the following April (28th, almost May).

    Since then Rockstar/Take 2 have been using the May window for some of their biggest games.

    GTA IV - 29th April, 2008 (Rockstar North)
    Red Dead Redemption - 18th May, 2010 (Rockstar San Diego)
    LA Noire - 17th May, 2011 (Team Bondi, with various Rockstar Studios help)

    GTA V - ?? May, 2012? (Rockstar North)

    So with Max Payne coming out in March, this leaves a decent enough gap to their big hitter for the year. Many people suggest that Rockstar are very good with their marketing and I certainly believe they do things for a reason, but with rumours starting up, one of them to consider is when the guy is putting up the For Sale sign, the gutter has a marking for the number of the house. 2405

    24th May is probably a co-incidence, and Rockstar North are not from the US, so dates would be the "right" way and not in the US format, so let's make it into a spooky co-incidences? The internet investigators obviously found out the name of the song used in the trailer (Ogden's Nut Gone Flake by Small Faces) and guess what, this also just happened to be released on the 24th May.

    Grain of salt and all that, but May would not be out of the question, otherwise October for sure.

      Copied from my comment on the coolest things spotted post:

      ... TheMentalisCorps on suggested the ’2405′ house number of the house shown could be a release date, 24th of May next year. 2405 also seems to be the start of the number plate on the postal truck, but it isn’t very clear. This seems like a reasonable timeline given the first trailer came now, but it’s a pretty big leap to say that’s when it’s coming out. It is a Thursday though, and isn’t that a popular day for releases?

        Oops, didn't read your whole post. Still, the number plate thing :P

    GTA IV's trailer was released about 12 months before it came out. I would expect the same here.

    More likely a midyear release, thats been the constant Rockstar model. That way they don't have to compete with any other major franchises (not that GTA V won't blow them out of the water, but still...)

    Umm those Analysis should look at the release of every single GTA game

    GTA : October
    GTA2 : October 22, 1999
    GTA3 : October
    GTA Vice City: October 27, 2002
    GTA San Andreas : October 29, 2004
    GTA IV : Inital Release date 16 October 2007, delayed to 2008

    I am starting to see a pattern, Dates above were mainly October/early November period for those games, so all signs points to October 2012 release for GTAV

      I mentioned October earlier, but you should have continued with them all...

      GTA - October 1997 (PC EU)
      GTA 2 - September 30, 1999 (PC), October 22, 1999 (PSone)
      GTA III - October 22, 2001 (PS2)
      GTA : VC - October 27, 2002 (PS2)
      GTA : Advance - October 25, 2004 (GBA)
      GTA : SA - October 26, 2004 (PS2)
      GTA : Liberty City Stories - October 25, 2005 (PSP)
      GTA : Vice City Stories - October 31, 2006 (PSP)
      GTA IV - 16 October 2007 (Original Planned release), 29 April 2008 (PS360)
      GTA : The Lost And Damned - 17 February 2009 (360), 13 April 2010 (PS3)
      GTA : Chinatown Wars - 17 March 2009 (NDS), 20 October 2009 (PSP)
      GTA : The Ballad Of Gay Tony - 29 October 2009 (360), 13 April 2010 (PS3)

      There are a few exceptions, mainly The Lost and Damned but that was never a conventional release, but those that didn't hit October, they were hitting just before May which seems to be Rockstar's new favourite date.

    We should be asking these guys when the /broken/ release date will occur.


    I've consulted the only games analyst that matters, and she said that June next year is fine.

    I hope its at the end of 2012 since its my last year of school

    So if this is true, does that mean there might be a port on the Wii U? That would be interesting...

    Winter 2012 long enough after Max Payne 3 to set itself apart from it, and perfect timing for Christmas, best for sales, and COld s people in doors more playing more games, and its in a warm environment, which would be good for people wanting to pretend its summer again.

    First GTA IV Trailer - 29 March 2007
    Originally to be released October 2007, so approx 6 months trailer to release.
    Actually released 29 April 2008 - 13 Months from trailer to release.

    i just hope it comes out on pc sooner unlike gta iv...

    It'll be October 2012.

    I'd place all my money on an october 2012 release. I've watched and waited for gta releases like a hawk since vice city was announced and it's always been a year long hype.
    This is the first time that I've said 'eh' to a gta reveal trailer. Don't get me wrong ill still be buying it on release (R* has earnt my respect/wallet) but San Andreas was a bit of a let down, Im feeling the same for this one. Maybe I'm just hatin' on Cali.
    If anything, this trailer has got me excited for gta v: vice city for the's going to be a loooong wait

    Im thinking and hoping around may since its my birthday also in the trailer theres a little easter egg when it shows the scene of a man selling his house the sign says for sale 2405, maybe the 24th of may?

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