Another Bloody Post About Skyrim (But This Metal Reworking Of The Theme Is Awesome)

I'll be the first to admit that the last thing Kotaku needs is another bloody post about Skyrim, but I honestly couldn't pass up on the opportunity to post this incredible Metal-style cover of the game's theme song. Metal as a genre took so much inspiration from fantasy worlds like the one Skyrim is set in, so this just feels oh-so-right. Also, 331Erock is an amazing guitarist.

Someone has to get to work on a mod that replaces the regular music in Skyrim with all metal all of the time!

Thanks Black Dahlia NZ!


    So, a game set in a nordic/viking setting...

    Metal theme....

    ...Why was this not made official? ;)

    Now we add Jack Black's voice to the main character and add more metal music. Boom, remake of Brutal Legend done right

    This guy. Makes me want to just give up.

    If someone makes the "replace all music with metal" mod I am so there!

    Symphony X - pretty much says it all. He learned from the best

    That's awesome. I was only watching a cover he did of Skrillex song about half an hour ago.

    Can't get over how clean is playing is.

    this is good, almost as good as the one done by Sbeast64:

      Have to dissagree with you there, this guy has alot more technique and speed.

    LOVE this.

    Would love to see this guy rock on with the guys from Powerglove. That would be truly boner worthy.

    heres his site click the audio tab and can download all his mp3 covers.

    that was epic!, love it!

    KEEP THE SKYRIM POSTS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still waiting on my copy from OzGameshop, so every little bit of info keeps me going :)

    That was some sweet metal! I would say he is a big John Petrucci fan. Awesome arpeggios and sweep picking.

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