Another Glorious Day In The Corps For Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox Software pumped out another six screenshots of its upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines over the game's official Facebook page this afternoon. The game is still on course for a 2012 release, as these grabs are meant to show. They also show wrecked infrastructure, rampaging xenomorphs and humans in charge of the galaxy's least desirable Orkin franchise.


    The screenshot with the Marine being straddled in the chair is a little bit....sexual.


      There's always been an erotic edge to Alien/s.

    Continuity problems aside, I'm still not sold because of the game having Silent Protagonist Syndrome. The character is a colonial marine. I wanna hear bravado and off-colour jokes and maybe even a little "Game over, man!"

      Nah, you've just got to get in the mood to do it yourself. Nothing like in-character trash talk and frustrated streams of verbal abuse to enhance the immersion factor.

        Especially since it's supposed to have 4 player opt-in co-op

    ALIENS Infestation on the DS got me psyched for this game. Can't wait to splatter some acid-blood :)

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