Another GTA/Mario Mash Up? Yes - But It's Good

The last thing the world needs is another Grand Theft Auto themed Mario video -- well that's what I thought until I watched this video, which is quite well made and made me chuckle quite a bit.

Mixing in footage of Mario games with the GTA V trailer voiceover, this vid is quite cleverly done.


    Thought it was pretty damn good myself. :D Got a few lulz :D

    First half was lame, but the ending bit was cool.

    Consider me underwhelmed.

    Entertaining little video. Silly but think it was done pretty well.

    Lame. This is as bad as the losers who cut up anime and put music to it and whack it on youtube.

    When does this come out? Will it be on the WiiU? The graphics look kind of dated.

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