Art From The Command & Conquer Game That Never Was

Totilo's story yesterday on what might be a Command & Conquer action game got me thinking about Tiberium, the promising yet ultimately ill-fated shooter EA once had planned for the strategy universe.

While the game was cancelled because it was shaping up to be a bit rubbish, that certainly had little to do with Tiberium's art, which portrayed a game that seemed to owe as much to Republic Commando as it did Command & Conquer.

These pieces are all the product of artist Steve Burg, who in addition to working with EA has also done stuff for film and television as well.

Today though, we're just looking at this great Tiberium art, which leaves us with just a tease of the Command & Conquer game that could have been.

You can see more of Burg's work at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Re-open the project, Cryengine 3, multiplayer like Renegade, GG

      Renegade was such an under-rated game for it's time. If someone was able to apply the Renegade theme over a game like Savage (RTS / RPG / FPS blend that itself was also massively under-rated), I would die a happy gamer...

    why is it in futuristic city streets that there are never any trees.

      They'd probably become tiberium encrusted mut-trees.

      ... or people.

    It's a shame this never saw the light of day, a true sequel to Renegade would be awesome. In lieu of this we got the abysmal C&C4. Here's hoping the supposed C&C5 is a return to form.

    Has an ODST vibe going for me. LookED good.

    Electronic "we-know-how-to-rape-franchises" Arts have a lot to answer for.

    C & C 4 killed my childhood i loved C & C pre EA

    Just what gaming needed. More space marines.

    CNC 4 was ea's way of trolling us all

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