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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.



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      Will the sheer volume of viewer traffic shutdown the entire WWW? Should I wait 'til the Americans are asleep? This is like getting up for the World Cup!

      For sure man. Follow me on twitter @serrels because I will be rambling by that time.

    Yeah i got a question. Has Uncharted 3 broken its street date yet?

      Tis the burning question of the day.

        Mine was shipped yesterday from ozgameshop, but I won't receive it till next week, so I'm not sure that counts.

          I'm tempted to go to the store, stand by the display case and look longingly with a quivering lip. Might work? :D

            Give it a try, if that fails start acting like a dick until they sell it to you to get you out of the store.

            I think you should at least try. Worst case scenario they feel bad for and promise to call as soon as its in.

              Still nothing at Target at 12:15PM Melbourne

                Target: No dice. Big W: No dice. Game: No dice. EB: No dice. JB Hifi: No dice. Dick Smith: No dice.

                My feet are sore. I'm gonna sit in the corner and freakin' cry. haha.

      i don't want to cause any heart attacks, but a friend of mine just told me he bought uncharted 3 at target in melbourne, i however have it on 'pre-order' with e.b and they aren't giving an inch.

    As a Scottish games journalist, how do you feel about the way Scottish people are represented in games?

        I never knew Serrels starred in a videogame. Learn something new everyday.

          Quite a few Scottish characters have appeared in video games. That is just one of the more ridiculous examples. I mean, he shoots fireballs from his dick. I'm pretty sure Scottish people can't actually do that.

            Cmon now, it's never appropraite to disparage an entire ethnic group by saying what they can and can't do.

              I know one person that can clear this all up.

        Wow. What the hell was that? Having seen that I have to wonder if mark shoots fireballs from his groin. Do you mark?

      The burning issues, eh? What Scottish characters are there? I can only think of Palladin from Wing Commander, he called everyone Sassenach I believe. Are there more? Ah yes, the dude in MW2 (and MW3 I suppose). Any more for any more people (no Googling)


      There have been awesome Scottish characters in games...

      Can't think of any off the top of my head right now for some reason!

        There was some kind of Scottish gopher or something in Armed and Dangerous... Still not quite sure what he was though :-P

    Mark, what is the best DS game ever made?

      Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Rift of the Grimoire!

      Trauma Center is probably my favourite.

      Followed by Mario Kart DS, Elite Beat Agent, Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick.

    What's your opinion of Collector's Editions? Which one has had the best stuff?

      I've stopped buying EA collectors editions, they're nothing but cash grabs.

      Bungie and Blizzard put some love into their collectors editions.

      I'm not a fan of Collector's Editions at all. Don't mind art books, but that's about it!

    I asked this on Twitter this morning but why not again?! What's your favourite game of the year so far?

      Similarly, how about the worst game of the year or the most disappointing?

      And no, Duke Nukem Forever doesn't count as an answer.

        Is that because DNF doesn't count as a game?

          I was thinking because it was too obvious of an answer, but I like your logic better.

      Probably Portal 2 or Ghost Trick.

      I did end up really enjoying Batman in the end. I'm expecting big things from Skyward Sword though.

    Catch that Assassin's Creed TV Spot that's been making the rounds in Australia? Damn Novembers going to awesome for gaming.

      October has been good, but November has the games I'm really excited about.

      Assassin's Creed and Skyward Sword. Can't wait.

    As a games journalist, how do you feel about the way games journalists are represented in games?

    As someone represented as something, how do you feel about the way someone being represented as something is represented in something?

    Also, is the poop deck really what I think it is?

    Also, given the news of Silicon Knights, do you wait patiently for an announcement for Too Human 2? Or am I alone here?

      If it's a Too Human sequel opposed to a sequel everyone really wants, Enernal Darkness, then the company really is stupider that first thought.

        But it's not the sequel everyone wants if I don't want it, technically speaking :P

          That kind of logic is not welcome in my brain.
          Maybe they could do ED2 and the money they make from that can fund the rest of the Too Human trilogy. Keep us both happy.

        Enernal ?? Either way you spell it, it needs a sequel.

      No way we're seeing a Too Human sequel! I'll eat something disgusting of your choosing if it happens!

    the gta trailer is 4am isnt it sydney time? also Will you ever fly Qantas again?

      I flew Qantas last night to Singapore, flight was fine.

      Part of the cause the other night was also brought on my the union's holding Qantas to ransom by declaring and cancelling strike actions causing Qantas to have to cancel/delay flights, and our inept government not acting quicker because they're unionists. Frankly I think Qantas did the right thing, albeit poorly executed.

        Not defending Gillard but if you think Tony would have done something earlier, then you are wrong.

        Liberals never want to get into IR union stouches, they let the companies deal with it themselves which is exactly why Peter Reith slammed Abbott for saying Gillard should intervene early.

          No, I doubt Tony would have done better... I think our Government is inept entirely, not just our "leading" party.

          I still think, given the fact I flew Qantas last night that there is no problem with their service... Their staff are worried about their jobs going off-shore, but at the same time they're paid more than the other airlines pay their pilots and baggage handlers.

          I'm not going to stop flying Qantas until they go the way of Ansett (which will likely be soon)

        I wrote an initial long reply to this, but I decided to say it was easier to say that this is a very shallow interpretation of the situation.

        The general consensus amongst IR lawyers is that had the Primeminister intervened directly, we'd have faced long-term legal challenges. Obviously Gillard has Unionest leanings, but that doesn't really matter. Abbott would have had to wait for the shut-down too.

        The government shut down the strikes, what else do people want? Qantas had plenty of time to apply to FWA but instead they downed their entire fleet with no notice holding the Australian economy at ransom just so could get the strikes shutdown and enact arbitration, I think it's overly simplistic to try and pin the blame on any one party, Qantas management, Union leaders and the government have all played a part in this fiasco.

        Really they can blame the Govt all they want.

        But when they give Alan Joyce a 2million dollar pay rise. But screw over the people who actually keep the shit running there's an issue

        Considering most it is the desire for some job security and minor pay rises qantas are being assholes.

        I mean if your a maintenance worker for these planes and they suddenly move all their maintenance oversea's. Your kind outta luck since it's not like those job's are going to be somewhere else in australia

      Can't wait for the trailer!

      And I fly whoever's cheapest -- especially domestic!

      But yeah, Emirates FTW.

    BF3 has had less the a steller launch with Origin even though it is an awesome game. Is EA killing the chances of the success of it Star Wars game with these issues and what can they realistically do to remove the bitter taste left in mouth of the consumers from this experience?

      I'm not too worried about Origin to be honest. I remember people losing their minds with Half Life 2 and Steam. Now look at how awesome it is.

      I think the service will work, EA will learn from its mistakes. The only issue is -- do I really want to mess around with multiple game portals? Not really is the answer to that.

    From your perspective how has the site redesign fared? Has it made your work easier? No change?

      I like the redesign -- but I would say that! There are a few things needing ironed out that make my job a bit tougher, but in the long run it'll make things easier!

      I would add that our designer has been constantly checking the feedback and making changes when good suggestions are made (like making the links pink again for example!)

    Mark, are you impressed with our feedback on the new site?

    What would you change?

      I was impressed, because most people got that it was an upgrade that tried to keep the spirit of the site intact. MOst of the suggestions were totally valid as well.

      The thing that bugged me was the 'IT LOOKS LIKE THE US SITE' comments. Because it clearly doesn't It's nothing like the US site!

    Sword of the stars 2: Lords of winter, or how I got f**ked again by another dodgey release.

    Did you have the misfortune of picking this lemon up? Your thoughts on bungled releases and its prevelancy in the industry now a days?


    How long do you see different street days in different countries lasting?

    It seems common place now for the date to break here in Australia (I imagine fulled by demand as the game is already out in the US), and i'll personally be hoping that skyrim breaks next week.

      There are added logistics to releasing games in Australia -- so I do understand that often we may get games a couple of days late -- but the days of Nintendo launching a game here six months after the US and Japan are hopefully gone.

    Which question have you been asked on Ask Me Stuff most? *gasp* I hope it's not this one!

      Pants/Mechwarrior/Last Guardian/Steam Prices!

        I knew I forgot something.

        How do you feel about Mechwarrior going free to play mmo?

    Wtf will there be a true nex gen polemon game? It will be basically printing money.

      ahh the Poledancing RPG yeh I agree


      given that black and white is a little over a year old from japan, and there is still inevitable Ruby and Sapphire remakes and probably a third pokemon version (all of which will print money) you're probably looking at either march 2013 or sept 2013 for the next generation to hit japan.

    So far, Battlefield 3 has been an entire week of rubber-banding, server drop-outs and unable to connect to Australian servers (I'm on XBL).

    Are you thinking of making an article about the problem? What info would you need?

      This is interesting. I haven't played the game yet, so I'm a bit unsure of the issues. But I think it's probably worth writing about.

        I haven't had problems... and I'm on 360.

        But maybe I'm the exception.

    can you confirm that perfect darks (N64) combat boost was the first use of bullet time in an video game?

    Will Serrels next article break street date and be published before he's finished writing it?

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