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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    inb4 Blaghman on behalf of Gorzilla:

    I’m curious if you notice a significant shift in the number of page views in the weeks preceding and immediately after big name releases such as Skyrim or Modern Warfare. I’d expect to see them steadily increase then drop off sharply once the game actually comes out.

      Very doubtful.

      We actually saw a pretty big spike during Skyrim release and BF3. Still holding!

    So, I've been away for 3 weeks and I come back and find you STILL haven't accepted my PSN friend request. Explain yourself.

    Oh, and what's the latest on The Last Guardian? Do you think they're EVER going to show or tell us anything about it? Do you think this long period of silence is more about getting it perfect or a possible sign of trouble?

      lol Magic 8 ball.

      I'm too lazy to download the update I need to sign in to PSN!

    what did you name your Skyrim Character?

      Lelkethrik. I made it up back in the Morrowind days.

      "Hink", I asked my 2yr old daughter what I should name it, and that was the first thing she said. Or it could've been "Let me think". Unfortunately she's picked up on the word sh*t because I FORGOT TO SAVE....

      Asalbod, it's Irish. I generated an elf and my wife said he had a face like a donkey dick. Asalbod.

      I named it Mark Serrels.

      Wasn't feeling particularly creative that day.


    I just wanted to say that I'm glad you use the screen from Alpha Protocol for this article. I loved that game. Shame there won't be a second, cos I felt it was pretty under-rated, and had one of the coolest espionage, conspiracy theory stories I've experienced ever.

    Ordered my copy of Skyrim PC Limited Collectors from the US. It arrived yesterday. Yay! Now the courier decided to leave a nice large box in the middle of my driveway in plain view and reach of the whole street.

    Is this common across Australia or just over here in Perth?

    Luckily nothing was damaged.

      Where did you buy it from? Was it registered post (e.g. EMS Speedpost)?
      Since Ozgameshop doesn't use registered post, delivered items tend to get thrown onto my front doorstep by the local posties (which luckily isn't such a big deal since they aren't fragile and its a quiet street). I have had one instance where I had to pick up one OzGS package from the local post office despite the fact I was at home (dunno why).
      With registered post, the courier has to actually knock on your door and deliver to you personally or someone else on your behalf (plus sign it off as delivered). I would question the courier's conduct if it was indeed delivered by registered post...

      That's crazy...

        Ordered from Amazon, express courier delivery. They tried to deliver on Monday but I was at work. Nominated via their website (as requested) for the package to be left at their Perth Airport depot so I could pick it up after work but they just dumped it on my driveway on day 2 instead.

        Won't go naming companies so Kotaku doesn't get into trouble. (Just in case).

    Played Saints Row the Third yet? If so, thoughts?

      Played the first couple of hours a while back, but it's not really my thing. I don't like the shooting mechanics, and the whole feel of it.

    You are riding public transport, either a train or a bus (it doesn't matter which). The transport it full, every seat is taken. You have a seat near one of the doors. It is not a priority seat but it may as well be.

    The bus/train pulls up at a stop and three people enter. A man on crutches missing one of his legs, a frail elderly woman and a heavily pregnant woman.

    The man missing his leg is carrying a heavy looking brief case. He was the muscle to carry it easily but the crutches make it incredibly awkward.
    The frail elderly woman is carrying a light weighted shopping bag. Despite it not weighing much it is clearly taking her some ammount of effort to carry around.
    The heavily pregnant woman carries two heavy shopping bags.

    There is room for all three to stand and place their bags on the floor for a rest. Keep in mind though that they would be standing near a doorway and would often be forced to pick up their baggage and move to let people in and out of the train/bus.

    It doesn't look like anyone else in the train/bus is willing to give up their seats, even those sitting in the priority seats. You are not in a priority seat so have no obligation to offer your seat.

    Do you remain where you are or offer your seat to one of them?
    If you choose to offer your seat then to which one of the three do you offer it to?

      Yes, I get up and offer it to the first person that got on the bus as they would be the closest.

      Though as I am getting up, I make a gesture to say take the seat, if the first person doesn't take it, they can fight with themselves over who should get it. I've done my part by vacating the seat.

      It's pretty obvious.

      You get the strong one-legged man to sit in the seat, then you get the pregnant woman to sit on his lap. Then the frail old lady can perch precariously on the knee of the pregnant woman.



      Give up the seat the the pregnant woman as there is the most to lose if the falls heavily.

      Then yank the earphones out of the young fella in the priority seat who should have been taught better and get them to give their seat to the elderly lady.
      Then glare at the business man until he lets the guy on crutches sit down.

    I have a dilemma... Skyrim or Saints Row: The Third?

    To be painfully honest... i have never played both game series that much before, maybe about half an hour on each on a mates computer but nothing really i can base my opinion on.

    But... i can only afford one.

      What do you look for in a game? They are both drastically different.

        I'm inclined to agree with Chazz, what do you look for in a game and why are those two your only options?

      skyrim all the way baby!

      Obviously a personal choice, but I'm going with Skyrim.

      Skyrim = Put a basket on someone's head
      Saints Row = apocofist

      How are you having trouble making a choice!

        I am having trouble because i want both but i can only afford one my next pay.

        I am leaning towards Saints Row but i think i might have to flip a coin and buy the other game my next pay.

    Why doesn't my character in Skyrim need to ever poop? I am yet to find a doctor in the game that can assist me with this problem.

      I think you need to sort external assistance for your problems

      This is a bit question. I'm not qualified for this.

    Any particular reason why you don't think NFS The Run will be good?

      Just the fact that EA hasn't been that proactive in showing it to the press -- that's usually a bad sign...

    Can someone contact THQ and get their hands on some of the 3ft long giant purple dildos?

    Then run a comp to win them, based on a haiku and/or limerick on the uses of said device (whilst remaining clean).


    Please note - seeing as I have done all the work on creating this comp, I will take my payment of a free 3ft purple dildo as compensation! :)

      If I win one, you can have it :|

      Also... how could a limerick with a dildo in it possibly be clean? Or is that the challenge?

        yeah, that would be part of the challenge! :p

      there once was a man from nantucket
      Had a purple dildo and tried to Fu...
      Ohh wait…

      She went to the shed for a rake
      But that's not what she did take
      With wide open eyes
      She brandished her prize
      "Look ma, a big purple snake!"

      Clean enough?

    So when do we get those free GBA games that Nintendo promised us early 3DS adaptors?

      Outlook not so good.

        Haha. Sooner or later you'll have to respond with 'Yes - definitely' or 'Without a doubt'

    Broken street dates: Do you know if they happen overseas as much as they do here? Do you know if the publishers actually care? Can you do a little overseas investigative journalism to find out?

    I was thinking about this the other day and realised that if they do care outside Australia, it's only a matter of time before we get Steam-style locks built into the consoles as well. You'll need to connect to XBL/PSN at least once after the release date before it will let you play it. And that will break console games even more than they already have. The plug-and-play nature was what I always used to love about them :(

    To quote NotoriousR:
    "Come home, redeem pre order dlc and bonus dlc. Boot up game. Download day one patch. Install game. Redeem network pass. For. Fucks. Sake.". You'll be able add "Wait for network unlock" to the list.

    Or maybe I'm being overly pessimistic?

      I had to laugh last week when Skyrim broke, Max Scoville from Destructoid posted on Twitter when he heard it had been released in Australia - "Dammit, Australia. What part of 11/11/11 didn't you understand? #Skyrim"

      In the US I think the situation is that games arrive in store the day they are due to sell, so to avoid street breaks. Australia has issues with logistics so some stores get the games earlier -- that's part of the reason why Australia is more liable to break date.

        So no console locks any time soon then, you say? Yay! That's good enough for me!

    Which franchise would you like to get a sandbox treatment (like Skyrim or Saints Row) and why? I would like a sandbox spin off for Hitman, Don't get me wrong,I like the current mission format. But it would be cool to plan out and take on hits and missions in a large city as a one off. I think it could be quite tactical and tense if done right.

      Never really liked the Hitman games but I would definitely buy a sandbox Hitman game.

      Hmm, for me I would like to see a game like Mirror's Edge with this kind of open-world play. But this would really have to be done right, because it has so much fail potential.

      Travel around in your mech, finding repair points and garrisions. Take missions to scout, defend or attack.
      Otherwise spend time search for rare minerals, or research out in the wilds

      Something with Pirates

      How about something like killing floor / left for dead.
      Open world city, infected with zombes. Different play styles - fortify an area and defend. Sneak about hunting for food and supplies. Help others or loot their shelter after they get eaten

      I kinda think games should be in the format that suits them... but maybe MGS?


    Is Tracy still around? I haven't seen much from her the last couple of weeks... unless I've missed it completely.

      Signs point to yes.

      She posts the 'while you were sleeping' most mornings (every morning?), I believe, and a few things here and there.

      I believe she's also down in melbourne this week to cover GCAP.

    Has there been any details on how Vita trophys will work? Will they be linked with the PS3 trophy list added to the same PSN account? And will Vita have platinums?

    Trophies will work the same as the PS3 and be under your registered PSN account and likely to be simply added to the existing list. It's assumed the games will have Platinums seeing as they are full games.

    Sorry Mark, just wondering about an update on the JBHiFi gift card prize for the Rage event competition, thought it might come in time for all these big releases. I sent an email a few weeks back to Tracey & she said she'd forward on the message and my details. Cheers!

      Aw man, that sucks - ours arrived only a couple of days after the event. Something has definitely gone screwy with yours.

      Yeah dude, we had one here that got bounced back from a wrong address -- shoot me an email and we'll get it send to the right one.

    Do the Kotaku US guys ever catch wind of the scorn they oft-times receive from your AU readers?
    Ever been brought up?

      And do they even care what a bunch of beer-swilling, kangaroo-riding, beach bums think?

      Nah, I've never heard anything about it. I'm a fan of a lot of the US content though. I don't agree with everything they write but I think they've really done some good stuff recently.

        I think that Kirk Hamilton has been a great hire for them.

    Looking forward to picking up Assassins Creed Revelation, but planning on waiting for the MAC ver rather than the 360 ver. (that way it will give me time to finish Skyrim and Batman AC).

    From memory, I recall Brotherhood was released on Steam first for the PC, and then some time passed before it came to MAC. Is there a firm date as to when the MAC ver. will appear ??


      Obligatory, derogatory, meaningless comment talking about how you're half a man(? you can never be too sure on the internet) because you play games on a Mac.
      Your welcome.

        Obligatory defence: he is clearing shouting "MAC" out of frustration:
        a) that the games aren't timely
        b) that it's a mac, and enough to drive a sane man to tears

        I am also half a man then. Thankfully it's the half that is able to play sports, father children and drink beer. Not sure what is in the other half but it probably wasn't important anyway.

      I'd need to look into this... I'll see what I can find!

    Could you please ask EA if there will be an Australian release of the Collectors edition of The Old Republic... in line with its eventual Australian release date?


    Mark? You’re a good sort. You’re a good sport too. My Witcher 2 prize never arrived? I don’t too much mind. I just entered for the thrill of the chase; like a dog chasing a car. Something like that.

    Can I nominate someone else for the prize? Seems like a prize lost to the great ether, a prize maybe someone could enjoy. Who knows. But Let me know what you think.

    I haven't switched it on, but our new copy of Battlefield 3 on PS3 has '1295MB' minimum hard drive install usage. With graphics like that wouldn't it actually be much, much higher? So will our 40GB playstation still hold up?

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