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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Did you watch MLG Providence and if you did, were there any games other than Halo that caught your attention? Apparently both SC2 and LoL managed to get ridiculous amounts of views, which was particularly amazing for LoL which is new to the MLG scene with a reasonably small field of competition.

      For the first time ever, I didn't watch it. I have no idea why -- probably a combination of Skyrim, Skyrim and Skyrim.

      Shame, I should have made time to watch the finals at least. I love MLG.

      I think it's great that MLG has embraced competitive PC gaming. It's a great organisation that understands competitiveness and understands its audience.

        Following up, are you planning on watching anything from Dreamhack this weekend?

        Also, do you know whatever happened to my Kudos prizes? I wondering if my neighbours have a hankering for tortoise soup, there's good eating on one of those.

    Based on what you know/have read...

    1) Is Hideo Kojima making Metal Gear Solid 5?
    1) a) Another 'in-the-past' game or is Solid Snake suiting up for one last sneaking mission?

    2) A pre-order collector's edition that will only be available until two months BEFORE a game's release. Is it a strategy to encourage fencesitters to fork out their money now rather than waiting until reviews come out? If so, does that bode well for the publisher's confidence in the quality of the game?
    2) a) Did you get that I'm talking about Max Payne 3?

    3) Should I try to 100% Arkham City or is that an errand for someone with more time than I?

      I hear if you get a 100%, they tell you how Riddler got all that fluro green paint without anyone raising an eyebrow.

      I'm not in high school anymore so I don't have time to 100% Limbo, let alone Arkham City. Good luck if you can!

      Re: MGS5. That whole thing was just a bloody ruse to sell magazines! I was quite pissy about it. Kojima doesn't even know what MGS5 is going to be like. They could take it in any direction really... I'd like another MGS3 style game, something a bit more standalone so it doesn't have to worry about answering crazy convoluted plot questions!

    Are you playing in The Old Republic stress test beta this weekend?

    I've been selected for it along with everyone else and judging on the gameplay videos I've been watching I might need to pre-order this game!

      Shh! First rule of SWTOR beta is that you can't talk about SWTOR Beta!

      (I'll see you in there...)

    I just want to know when the PSN version of Daytona USA is coming?

      Coming to the AU PSN store?

        For some bizarre reason it was delayed on PAL PSN territories, there was no date mentioned yet, but it was pushed into November, I'm banking on it popping up tomorow! (hopefully)! :)

    What's the point of going to work when I sit here wishing I worked at Kotaku?


      I love my job, but even I'd rather be at home playing Skyrim.

    Thoughts on Rayman?
    Wasn't going to get it but after the demo might have to.

    Also, Hendo V Shogun - fight of the year?

      This release schedule is so packed I haven't played it yet.

      Looks great though.

      And yeah -- fight of the forever. I'm just gutted Shogun didn't get the draw he deserved.

    Did you used to watch that show spellbinder?
    I did when i was young and am re-watching it on youTube ^_^

      Man, wish I had me a dragon-boat

      Yeah... The main guy from the first series was a whiney tool though... Love a powersuit and go all dragonball against everyone! :p

    How come RockPaperShotgun have done a thing about Sughly's game, Egress but you guys haven't?!

      We're doing something on Egress. I've been busy, so didn't even know it was out or existed.

      I have the most love for Sughly. Inappropriate love. So I will be alerting everyone to his game!

    Your thoughts on the whole Mojang/Yogscast shitstorm?

      What's that now?

        The Yogscast guys apparently acted rather diva like at the convention, Notch was not happy. Drama ensued.

        That's all I know and to be honest, that's all I feel like knowing.

      I didn't cover it because it was all a bit gossipy and stuff.

      I think it's probably worth waiting for their statement, but Notch seems like a trustworthy guy. Most likely they acted a bit like dicks.

    Are you excited for the Playstation Vita? Do you think it will be a success? I hope they make PS2 classics compatible with it!

      I'm excited for it, but worried it will just be a port machine. The only game I really loved for the original PSP was Loco Roco. Sony need to make more proper handheld games.

    Will Max Payne 3 have equal parts in Noir America and Sao Paolo or mainly Sao Paolo over America, being a fan of the original Max Payne 1 & 2 i want it to return to its Noir routes.

      I'm not sure about the percentages... but I know it's linear storytelling. Past to present. No flashbacks.

    Did you ever play "To the moon"

    Did you cry? (Also, can 'Scottish' people actually cry?)

    RPS wouldn't shut up about it, so I gave it a go and felt a little sick by the end of it, but not sad.

      Scottish people can cry -- haven't you ever seen Austin Powers?

      I loved the To The Moon trailer. Have to get round to playing it for sure.

    Remember when 'Ask Me Stuff' used to pretty much be 'Ask Blaghman Stuff" because he'd answer first? I miss that. *sniffle*

      I miss that. Mostly because I could just write 'what blaghman said' in every question.

      Where is that guy...?

    Hi guys, does anyone know if there are Xbox 360 LAN parties? Cheers

      Does anyone even make system-link games anymore?

        THEY HAVE TO

    Where did the lunchtime waster posts go? Since the end of September I've just being working through and i'm told that's not healthy! Waste my lunchtimes!

      I stopped them and did Remember this every day, because it was far more popular.

      I'm totally flexible though -- if I get enough people interested I'll do them again!

    Afternnon Mark,

    Have really enjoyed the recent articles looking into the issues surrounding grey imports. Is there any chance that you could get the opinions/situations of other smaller independent game stores that have been using grey imports as a key component of their business models?

    I was thinking about Dungeon Crawl in Melbourne and wouldn't mind hearing about their thoughts on the situation and weather they are experiencing the same issues with Nintendo that Game Traders are?


      Dungeon Crawl would be a good one to speak to. Good idea!

    Pokemon or Digimon?

    More seriously, where do you see game prices heading in Australia in the next year or so? Is there enough pressure on publishers and distributors to lower them significantly?

    I vaguely remember an economist or something quoted in a Kotakau article suggesting that prices would naturally fall.

      The MDs of Activision and Ubi both said to me they think there may be a correction. I spoke to an economist a long time ago about it as well who said the same thing...

    Have i told you lately that i love?
    Have i told you there's no one else above you?

      You fill my heaaaarrt with radness!
      take-away all my sandwiches!

    Is traditional RTS (Age of Empires, Empire Earth etc) dead? There are very few base building/economy/combat games left outside of starcraft...

    Is this due to the slow paced nature of the genre?

      I'd say it's more to do with the complete dominance of Starcraft, and the lack of money going into pc development these days.

    Will The Old Republic require Origin (and therefore agreeing to their abominable TOS)? The upcoming beta weekend does not, so I have a faint glimmer of hope; please crush that with some cold hard facts.

      Cold hard crushing facts: you need Origin to play SWTOR.

      Heard that from the horses mouth. Sorry.

    Do you think the egg-citing and egg-cellent news on the return of Dizzy is a yolk?

    Just kidding that's not my question. My question is how many egg related puns can you make Mr. Serrels?

      Omelette you finish, but are your brains scrambled? I'm the most egg-citing, egg-cellent egg pun maker of all time.

      My favourite movie is hard boiled, Codemasters poached the idea of dizzy from me, and I cracked it.

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