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    How can we make one-legged albino chickens with a sheep fetish feel more welcome and at home at Kotaku?

      Lol! Brilliant :P

      As an interesting aside, the politically correct term is "person (or people) with albinism", "albino" is actually considered a derogatory statement.

        Interesting thing about that, most derogatory terms simply start out as descriptive ones.

        For example "retard", which refers to retarded (as in impeded or slowed) mental development. Because that was the correct term for people with that impairment and it was seen as a negative thing to be called that if you weren't, "retard" became an insult.

        It's not the term itself that is derogatory but the implication that an able-bodied (or able-minded) person is superior to someone with these disabilities.

        So to avoid having the (accurate) term used as an insult, they change the term in order to avoid the association without dealing with the actual issue at hand. Which just means that after a while, the new term becomes an insult. There's a name for this cycle, I just can't remember it and Google is not being helpful.

        So "albino" itself should not be derogatory. Well, in a world where logic prevails anyhow.

          Fantastic observation. Very true.

            Spastic. (as another example)

              I think spastic was actually the example used in the piece I read about all of this. Many of the insults we use have origins in this sort of thing.

              It's part of the reason why I think political correctness is a pointless pursuit. It isn't solving any problems, just trying to patch over it in the mean time. Of course, when the problem is that people are just straight up dicks, it's kind of hard to find a meaningful solution.

          See, "retard" and "spastic" are descriptive of behaviour, which is where their insult-based nature comes from. You're equating one's mental (or physical) capabilities to a person with an innate disadvantage in that area.

          "Albino", instead, is closer in nature to "Nigger", in that it calls the person out some aspect of themselves, and not their behaviour. It is also offensive for the same reasons, as it casts aspersions to the treatment of said demographic
          (For those that don't know, in South Africa and the surrounding countries, people with Albinism were once thought to cure AIDS by sex, and were raped by AIDS-inflicted people so much that they became the highest AIDS-inflicted demographic, and are now accused of causing AIDS because of their high infection rate. Obviously, not something you want to be reminded of constantly).

            It's still a descriptive term for someone with negative connotations only given because of cultural beliefs that people with that description are abnormal. Retard and spastic refered to behaviour due to a condition. Albino is for someone with an appearance due to a condition.

            Calling someone albino because they have albinism should not be considered an insult. Putting it on the same level as a racial slur because of the actions in South America don't make much sense. Otherwise, "virgin" would be a similar term because there is a belief by some Africans that having sex with a virgin will also cure you of AIDS and thus rape ensued.

            Just because some people who fit that description have been treated as subhuman doesn't mean that the description implies subhumanism.

            I would be willing to bet that the majority of people would classify albino in the same group of descriptive terms as brunette or ginger. Sure, the same could have been said of nigger before the civil rights movement but the difference is that albinos are not being treated as a second-class citizen.

              What I meant was, calling someone "Retard" or "Spastic" is mostly insulting because you say it to people who aren't actually those things.
              "Nigger" or "Albino" is said to people who are those things, but who find the label itself insulting.

                "Nigger' and "albino" are completely different. "Nigger" is not the descriptive word of a black person, "albino" is the descriptive word of an albino. Like "male","female", "chinese", or "white".
                I'm curious though, are you a "person with albinism" yourself? Do you know any? I went to school with one and "albino" was not considered an insult. "Myxomatosis" was. So "Myxomatosis" or "Myxomo" or any of a number of real derogatory and abhorrent terms are the equivalent of "nigger", not "albino".

                  I'm confused as to how Myxomatosis can be an insulting word? Isn't it the name of the virus engineered to kill rabbits? (sorry trjn)

                  The closest I can firgure is because you are calling someone a killer of soft defencless bunny rabbits (sorry again trjn") or an out of control virus (sorry __virus)

                  I am not. I'm actually Greek, so my skin is basically sun-proof.
                  I did a report/study on them in high-school, and was actually shocked to learn that "Albino" was not a proper term, and just an accepted nickname/slur (depending on where you're from).

                  I suppose if you don't consider "Nigger" to be apt, then "Negro" would be more akin.

    A few years back there was talk of EA rebooting System Shock, nothing eventuated... except for a remarkably similar Dead Space franchise. Does that mark the end of any possible adventures with Shodan?

      Do you really want EA rebooting System Shock? Look at Syndicate :(

        But System Shock is already a FPS.

          I guess, but only in the sense that it's a first person perspective and you shoot things. Then again they basically dumbed down a lot of the non-FPS elements in Bioshock and it worked out.

          I suspect the main reason EA might be wary of System Shock is simply that it would be hard to differentiate it from everything else. Is there anywhere they could go with it that isn't already being done by Dead Space, Mass Effect or the horrid Syndicate reboot? I guess they could make a Bioshock clone, but that would be pretty ironic.

            You're probably right and Dead Space and BioShock probably fill the void left by System Shock, but I can't shake the stunning atmsophere of System Shock 2. I remember being freaked out and hiding in the morgue for five minutes when I heard shambling down the hall. Good times.

              Makes sense then that Dead Space and Bioshock are two of my favourite games of all time.

              (But why can't I get into their sequels? They're both fine games...)

                BioShock 2 gets better the longer you play, a cool rivalry develops between the new antagonist and Andrew Ryan. I agree about Dead Space 2, though. All the suspense of the original seemed stripped away.

          Look forward to the F2P facebook game! :D

      It's the kind of thing I'd imagine we'll only hear about when EA want us to know. I have heard no rumblings about it sadly!

    Do you reckon it's possible to have your cake and eat it too? (Can you successfully play an MMO without getting addicted and losing your friends/family/job?)

    I want to get into The Old Republic, but as a previous WoW addict I'm worried casual fun might turn into serious addiction again... However, in saying that I enjoyed the Old Republic Beta not because of the MMO aspects, but because Bioware presented what I practically call KOTOR3, which a really engaging single player experience.
    In the past since my WoW days, my life has also changed, I'm engaged and living with my Fiance, working a full time job and can afford other games, and I honestly find the end-game of an MMO to be an absolute bore... I reckon TOR will fill my KOTOR3 craving and eventually I'll move on... Or if I don't, I reckon I'll be able to play it casually... too many other good games on the horizon!

    (admittedly, I have an addiction to gaming in general, so an MMO is probably the least of my worries)

      See I'm not a big fan of MMOs, but I loved KOTOR 1 and 2. Is it possible to play this as a single player RPG? Because KOTOR 3 would amazing. :)

        Technically yes, but realistically no.

        Technically yes because you can play the game on your own and enjoy the Star Wars story. Realistically no because there probably won't be a big game finale like there would in a proper KOTOR game. Given the time and effort Bioware has put into this game I can't see them "porting" it to a single player KOTOR experience, logistically the gameplay styles just don't match.

        If you want a very large KOTOR experience with emphasis on story though, TOR is still very good at filling those shoes, because the entire game has voice over acting for NPCs as well as your character, not to mention dialogue options similar to KOTOR... it's probably the first MMO where you feel like you're playing a character rather than just an Avatar.

        I spent the entire weekend playing the Beta, and so far I've treated it as a single-player game, as I'm also not really interested in MMOs.. The voice-acting makes a massive difference in this game - even the most mundane fetch quest can feel important - and each conversation is brilliantly written. If you've played some of BioWare's other titles, you'll know their stories and characters are top-notch and there are no exceptions here.

        An MMO is never going to feel quite the same as a single-player RPG, but this one has a damn good crack at it. If you're a fan of KOTOR you should check it out for a month and see how you feel. I've never got into the world of online gaming, but SWTOR might be the game that changes that.

      I still have never played an MMO. But I think it's possible. The only issue is that, for a lot of people, it tends to be the only game they play. They don't necessarily ruin their life by playing MMOs, but they play to the detriment of all other games!

    Are there any types of games out there that you've really tried to like but just couldn't get into?

      It used to be RPGs ala Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Now I love Skyrim. :/

      Maybe RTS games?

    Thoughts on the "beacon" update for the 360?
    I can't wait as I believe it adresses one of the main problems with Xbox Live. I hate being an intrusive bastard so I never send invites to people to play especially if you don't know them to well. (like yourself or other kotaku folk on live). Beacons open up the chance for polite interruption without making you feel like an intrusion.

      Yeah me too! I also feel really bad knocking people back! This seems like a far more manageable system. Will take a bit of getting used to though.

    Any idea if attending Award School would help someone get into a creative role in a videogame studio?
    I know Award School is more for creative directors in advertising but I'm curious if the skills are transferrable.

      Hard to say -- I think there are better things you could study out there, for sure.

      That said, there probably would be some transferable skills. By far the best way to get into the game's industry is to build something to show people.

      But maybe I'm not the best person to ask!

    THQ announced they were giving Saints Row 2 to PS3 owners (in lieu of a previously exclusive mode in Saints Row 3 that never happen) to US and their North America friends.

    Nothing was suggested for Europe, Australia and anywhere else in the world, can you hit up the local THQ office if they have any plans to do something locally?

      I thought I saw on Twitter it was confirmed for Europe & Australia and is available until the end of Feb.

      Can anyone with the game confirm?

        Yep, here's a link.

          Ahhhh... that's good then... this was very quiet originally for the EU territories at least..

          I was also very confused why you were linking to Capcom also! :p

    Is there an official release date for Catherine (Xbox 360) in Australia as of yet? The PS3 version is currently on shelves and I'm very tempted to purchase it, but would rather hold out for the 360 version if it's not too far off. (The majority of my game collection is on 360, but I have a few titles for PS3)

    Thanks Kotaku!

    How will you shave off your mo.

      the same way all scotsman do, by setting his hair on fire and rubbing his face against a log.

      Thank you! Still a little confused as to why there is such a huge gap between the PS3 and the 360 release. My (albeit unfounded) assumption is that the PS3 is more 'Japanese Game' oriented? (No pun intended)


      Tracey suggested plucking the hairs one by one.

      I'd rather dip my balls in a deep fat frier.

      Going for the old fashioned (electric) razor.

    Would you rather have sex with Megan Fox’s body with Leonard Nimoy’s head on it, or re-roof an entire condo complex by yourself?

      Nimoy was one of the reasons Star Trek stayed on the air in the first place- women found his whole schtick attractive.

      Megan Fox... Gag Nimoy's head and do her from behind!

      Regretting posting this.. I can hear the sound of a thousand people clicking the report button.

      Anyway, the roofing job is paid.

      Wrong reply thread. FAIL. This was intended as a reply to Batguy regarding my Catherine question. DERP

        So much reply fail. I love it (because it's usually me who does that)

          It took me about ten minutes to even figure out what on earth happened here :P

          Case in point: my ridiculously poor attempt at replying to Trjn's comment at the bottom of the page.

        *pssst* its the 'Reply' button next to the name, not below the comment.

      Definitely the Fox/Spock combo.

      It would take me the rest of my life to do that other thing.

    Cam you include a link in Ask Me Stuff's description every week so I can check the answers to my questions from last week that I always forget about? ^^;

    Most Anticipated Release - January?
    Most Anticipated Release - February?
    Most Anticipated Release - March?

      Not quite what you're asking for, but if you click on the "ask-me-stuff" tag directly below the story text, you'll be taken to this page:

      That makes it easy enough to find last week's one.

    Cam you include a link in Ask Me Stuff's description every week so I can check the answers to my questions from last week that I always forget about? ^^;

    Most Anticipated Release - January?
    Most Anticipated Release - February?
    Most Anticipated Release - March?

    (Apologies for multi post if it happens; Stirling Station + Optus 3G...)

    I played a 3DS demo unit yesterday in the TGV Jb Hifi in Sydney; I found the 3D not only difficult to see exactly what I'm doing, but within 30 seconds my head was hurting and eyes becoming sore.

    Do you think this has hurt the 3DS appeal? I'm more than hesitant to purchase one even for pokemon...

      The main thing that has hurt the 3DS' appeal has to be the lack of games. I've had one since the beginning of the year and rarely used it till Zelda came out, but now I'm playing Super Mario 3D Land as well and plan to get Mario Kart 7. You'll definitely see an upturn in general consumer interest over the next few months. But will it be enough to propel it to the heights of the DS? Probably not, too much competition from iOS (and the Vita?).

      Also the 3D is a nice bonus one most games, but the handheld is still a notable jump in power and features without that. The few great games that exist play just fine with the slider turned down. Nintendo realise this and have started to shy away from promoting it as the main feature themselves!

      I agree with Batguy. It was the games.

      I regularly play my 3DS with no 3D. Particularly with games where the effect is too strong, like Pilotwings.

      My 3DS was gathering dust until 3D Land came out. It's currently experiencing a rebirth. I'd almost say it's worth buying one now.

    Any news on a release date for Indie Game: the Movie?

      Don't forget the tie-in - Indie Game :The Movie: The Game

      I thought it was just a piss take trailer. THERE'S A MOVIE?

    What is your favourite video game soundtrack of all time and why?

      Secret of Mana soundtrack. It just reminds of so much from my childhood. Pure nostalgia.

    Why is Gerry Harvey such a whining bitch? Do you think there's a chance of him ever not being a whining bitch? Do you hate him as much as I do or is it just a bee that lives in my individual bonnet?


      Heavy Weapons Guy sums it up succinctly.

      He is a whiny bitch... but also, he complains about sales, then actually attacks customers (see article for a bizarre rant about how people live by the technology he sells them!), and then complains that sales are not improving... what the.

        I also like how he questiosn the viability of places like JB that sell computers, iPads etc but not other electrical gear like whitegoods etc. I think he'll find they're doing OK - part of the reason nobody's buying iPads from you, Gerry, is that many of them buying them at JB instead. You know, where it's cheaper.

        You know it's hard times when a multimillionaire can't make even more millions because those greedy, selfish consumers are choosing to buy from places with cheaper prices.

      Because he's a dinosaur. He can see that massive asteroid in the distance and he's shitting himself with fear.

        He's an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a twinkie - how is it that he complains so loudly about overseas sales - and yet he sells the cheapest Xbox Live points in Australia? I am confounded!

    With the reduced HDD manufacturing volume driving HDDs prices up. Will the consoles with HDDs have a price rise or will companies just absorb the increase HDD costs?

      Interesting q. I think gaming HDDs are already overpriced on console. With the PS3 you can obviously add any 3.5 inch HDD, so that will be affected.

      The 360? Or future Microsoft consoles. Nah, I don't think they could price those things any higher without starting a bloody riot.

    Do Game Developers see PC Gaming as a black sheep at the moment?
    Someone on the Steam Forums looked at the exe file for Batman Arkham City, and it was all completed back at the end of September, the same time the consoles went gold. So it was never delayed for graphical touch ups like they originally stated.
    With all the other DRM, Ubisoft etc. issues going on, I would like to hear your opinion on the PC side of gaming, and what the future of it holds.

      The date on the .exe may not be the smoking gun people are looking for. For instance, I would imagine it's possible that they may have updated/changed/upped the resolution of the textures, and not touched the .exe

        It's possible, but even the game boxes state that the game unlocks in October.
        It seems strange that they wouldn't change this detail if they produced the copies a month after consoles.
        It could also be they planned to have a day 1 patch for DX11 which they've been working on and it's not ready in time, either way this is a really bizarre launch.

      Must... resist... whining... about... PC... port....

        I feel your pain. It's been a terrible year for PC ports and I don't want to become 'that guy' who whines about them!

      I think the basic answer for this is that console gaming is just a massively high priority for most developers. Particularly on AAA titles. It's a real shame.

    Because of the lack of R18, where will you be buying an uncensored copy of GTA V after its guaranteed banning in Australia?

      I'll put my mortgage on that game getting through classification!

      (disclaimed I totally won't, but I'm sure it'll be fine!)

    Did you see your street date articles mentioned on Good Game last night? They're doing a story on it in the new year.

    Question ported from TAY re: Max Payne 3 Special Edition.

    Why have a limited release period for the special edition that ends well before the game's release? My theory is that they're trying to drum up sales for a game they know will disappoint.

    Is there a precedent? Another explanation? Please give me some hope for MP3!

      It's weird. It's possibly a bit of test for retailers to test demand, and for Rockstar to prove to retailers it's a franchise people still care about.


    I only just played it last week. So behind on all my games :P

      Missile FTW!!!

    Where's my burrito?*

    *By burrito I mean Community Kudos prize. Not trying to be rude, just figured a Simpsons reference might get some results.



      Erm, sorry man. I thought I was caught up. Will hook you up real good!

    So isn't that what we're all asking in our own lives -- 'where's my burrito?' I know that's what I've been asking.*

    *I'm not trying to be rude either, because I was speaking to Tracey this morning about related things- I just wanted to join in the Simpsons fun!

      I was actually asking "Where's my elephant?". Same principle, I guess.

        "Where's my elephant" (and Batguy's quote) are from the episode where Bart wins an elephant from a radio contest.

        That elephant made an appearance several years later in an episode where Marge gets breast implants and Krusty calms the angry elephant with a keyword that is a euphemism for sweater puppies.

        The "where's my burrito" line is what Homer was chanting during a flashback sequence where he was describing how he got a scar on his head while on a picket line.

        If you're wondering, I have no issues with my lack of life whatsoever.

          Your parents must be so proud :P

            Proud is one word they might choose to use.

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