Assassin's Creed Revelations' Best Hiding Spot

Sometimes, when those pesky city guards won't leave you alone in Assassin's Creed, you just need somewhere to escape and get away from it all. This YouTube user has found the best -- and most entertaining -- way to remain untouchable. That certainly doesn't mean the guards will give up, though.

Be sure to have your sound on, because the music used in this video, "I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly" by BassHunter, makes this a treat for the eyes and the ears.


    Basshunter is THE BEST IN THE WORD , “I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly”

    I hope you're joking it's probably the gayest song i've ever heard!

    Technically is a bug in the animus

    in assassins creed 2 during a tunnel chase sequence, I got hit my a falling boulder and it completely glitched out to the point I was under the map swimming.

    Last night in revelations I performed a colonoscopy on a lamp post and became fused with it.

    That is the wrost song ever!!

    based on the HUD and enemies, this is the first game, not Revelations.

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