Aussie Nintendo Store: An Adventure

It's a portable-only adventure this week with the Wii getting neglected again, 3DS and DSi owners though get their pick of a couple titles, one old and one new.

3DS Virtual Console Adventure Island (Game Boy, Hudson, $4.50) - Hudson sure loved the Virtual Console on the Wii, so it makes sense that they would bring one of their biggest characters to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console first. Adventure Island is based on the second NES game in the series but retains the name of the first. I've never played this one myself - worth picking up?

DSiWare Rytmik Retrobits (Cinemax, 800 Points) - After previously destroying all in the dance, rock and hip hop genres, Cinemax is now bringing their portable music studio software to DSiWare with a "retro bits" flavour.

Now it's getting on in the year, where are those Game Boy Advance games…



    How did this pass the copyright censors?

    It was a NES port of Wonderboy but with a different character for some reason, then Adventure Island sequels were unique from Wonderboy sequels


    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Sega got Hudson to develope the original Wonderboy, then went on to make its own very unique sequels leaving Hudson to make more direct (gameplay wise) sequels under the adventure island name. The pic is misleading as its in colour but it's not. It's a Gameboy game. I picked it up anyway as I loved the original Wonderboy and it plays almost the same. I really do prefer Sega's Wonderboy sprite though to Master Higgins or whatever his name is, but it's still fun in its monochrome glory.

    And yes, where are my GBA games??

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