Aussie Nintendo Store - Puffball goes to the third dimension

Kirby is taking the step into the third dimension this week with a 3D Classics title devoted to the pink puffball. It's not an entirely new 3D game, I'm sure that will come soon enough but for now you'll have to make do with the NES version done up in 3D. Just be thankful it's not a vertical shooter, we've got enough of those on the 3D Classics range.

3D Classics 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo, $9.00) If you've been waiting for a 3D Classics game that wasn't an arcade game then this is the one for you. Kirby was one of the last NES games to come out released way back in 1993, it pushed the NES to its limits. While those limits are no way at all being pushed in this version it's still great to see Kirby jump into the third dimension. Sadly it doesn't go widescreen like Excitebike does, however this might not be possible without spoiling some of the game. It is a platformer after all.

WiiWare Jam City Rollergirls (Frozen Codebase, 500pts) What do WiiWare and the Rub' al Khali Desert have in common? They're about as boring and sparse, but every so often there's a little puddle of water that revives you and gets you back on track. In other words, oh my god there is a WiiWare game! This one pits girls against each other in roller derby, it's quite good and a lot cheaper here in PAL regions.

Kirby, coming to to a 3DS near you?

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    no news on them advance games yet?

    Hot damn that may be the first release that would be worth money (since Link's Awakening) but alas not $9 money.

    The further they push it back, the closer the come to butting heads directly with Diablo 3..

      That's where that post went, was meant for the torch light story..

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