Batman: Arkham City Has An Australian Release Date For PC

To be perfectly honest, not too much to report here — just a release date — but it's an important one. Batman: Arkham Cityis finally getting a release date for PC and that date is November 23.

That's one day after the US release date of November 22, and a couple of days before the European release date of November 25.


    wait a minute, the game was ment to come out on the 15th, when did it get pushed back again

      Over the weekend - there is no reason for it nor will they give one - yet another nail in the balls for PC users.
      Even though PC users can't easily trade in games - they are so busy fighting Pirates on PC and console trade ins - where as they could release the game on PC early and cheaply and make more that way.

        They could be putting the DLC that they just released on the con-souls in it as stranded for PC as a 'Sorry its late' thing.

    Oh, so the Australian release date for the PC version of Arkham City is November 22?


    And only twice the price of the US version too!

    Steam still has it listed as the 25th :(

      I'm pretty sure it would be cheaper to buy it in store rather than buy it on steam at the moment(unless you were smart enough to buy it while it was cheap). And I don't think it's running the full Steamworks suite, so it's not like you're losing anything.

      Oh, and I imagine they'll update the date, but that's far too logical!

        Oh I got it before the publisher price hike :P

        think you'll find our release is timed to the European release date, rather than having a specific Australian date - I wouldn't be expecting the date to change from the 25th.

        Here's hoping I'm wrong though as I also got in before the price rise and was glad for the 20% off having B:AA already on Steam.

    I managed to grab it via steam for $39.99, I thought the original release date was the 16th of NOV? Disappointing, just means smashing MW3 and getting bored of it asap then straight to BF3 again.

    Played it, finished it twice, traded it on skyrim. Quite disappointed in it. Fighting was fun but overall it was just totally soulless compared to Arkham Asylum and it felt like it was a case of "CRAM TOO MANY VILLAINS IN! QUICK!" just so they could say they got everyone in there they could. Overall, found it to be a very average game unfortunately :(

    Too late theres too many good games out now.

    I was curious after they applied the Australian Fun Tax to the steam version, so I thought I'd crack open the official forums to see if anyone had commented on it. First thread I opened (official 'ask us stuff' thread) had a final post by the community manager saying "I'm just going to lock this thread for a few days while I get you guys some answers". That post was in April. The rest of the forum was downhill from there and a bit of a depressing read.

      In April? The price hike happened only a few weeks ago...

        Thus why I only looked a few weeks ago. They haven't been looking after those forums for a long time. Like I said, a depressing read of how long some posters have held out wanting to know details about the game, release dates, etc. and how many have given up.
        Didn't see any comments about the price rise but it doesn't look like somewhere that would even acknowledge it anyway.

    At the price hiked price, I don't give a stuff and Batman can sod right off.

    Started playing this last night. SO GOOD!

    Enjoying it a little more than AA which is surprising!

    Mighty Ape has it for 60 if people are interested. And you get a few skins from them too.

      GreenmanGaming has it for $37 at the moment if you use the 15% Pre-Order code on the website. Doesn't look like you get any skins with it though.

    Greenmangaming has it for about $35 with discounts, they are reliable and completely legit unlike some pc cd key sites.I bought Dead Island and Dues ex HR keys of them and activated them on steam no problems for about $35 a piece.

      Only problem is that this is GFWL . Therefore has achievements in it's own right and won't be able to be activated through Steam. GMG rocks though. Picked up Sonic for $25.

    After finishing Uncharted I can safely say if I could only play one more game for the rest of the year, this is it. I've COULD get it on the consoles, but have decided to wait it out for the PC version. Every time I go to the store, I get tempted to just get it for the 360 -- but that's what they WANT me to do. :D

    Just finished collecting the last of the 440 Riddler trophies and about to start New Game +. I have to say this is definitely one of my favourite games of the year. The entire experience is just 110% fan service to fans of the Batman. Anyone that was worried about all those articles that spoiled the villains that were making an appearance have nothing to fear.

    Do yourselves a favour though. Play the game on Hard and turn the hints off. Makes the experience so much more rewarding.

      "Play the game on Hard and turn the hints off. Makes the experience so much more rewarding."

      Was already planning on it :P

    Are you kidding me? What the HELL is making this delay so long?
    I've had it sitting there, waiting to unlock since the week of the console release.

    I'd say this delay partly has to do with piracy. Single player games are more likely to be pirated, so if they release it on consoles first, they might get would-be PC pirates to shell out for the game rather than wait for it to leak online. I imagine this is also the case with Assassins Creed.

    That's not to say piracy doesn't exist on consoles, just that it's far more rampant on PC.

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