Batman: Arkham City Patch Being Readied, But In The Meantime, Here's A Quick Fix

The PC version of Batman: Arkham City has had some... teething problems since launch but, according to a post on the official forums, a patch is being readied to deal with the majority of those issues.

According to Rocksteady, the source of the game's issues is DX 11 and, as a short workaround, Rocksteady are suggesting players run the game with DX 9. According to the team, this is the easiest way to do this...

Instructions for changing DX 11 to DX 9 The Launcher can be accessed on Games for Windows LIVE and Steam to change DX 11 to DX 9 in the Settings menu. Change both DirectX 11 Features and DirectX 11 Tessellation to OFF.

Games for Windows LIVE Start > All Programs > Games > Right click on Batman: Arkham City and select Launcher > Settings 1. Open the Start Menu 2. Select All Programs and then the Games folder 3. Right click on Batman: Arkham City and select Launcher 4. Choose Settings then click on the arrow next to DX options to change

Steam Launch Steam Client > Library > Right click on Batman: Arkham City > Configure PC Options 1. Open Steam 2. Select Library 3. Right click on Batman: Arkham City and select Configure PC Options 4. Choose Settings then click on the arrow next to DX options to change

Rocksteady stated that it's "working on a title update to address this matter and expect to make it available in the near future."

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    I've got major problems with both dx9 and 11, but can't stand the level of insane over-reaction at the troubleshooting forums followed by the equally insane defense claiming all is well and nothing is wrong. That's right about the time someone will retaliate by posting spoilers to rile people up. I'll be glad not to have to go into that tech support forum again when the patch is released... Oh, and playing Batman too. ;)

    I've got it running in DX9 (no dx11 graphics card here). I've got no problems at all.
    Except for a low framerate...

    I've got the game downloading at the moment. With my internet speed looks like it's going to take another 2 days so with any luck the patch will be out by then.

    Slow net doing me favours?

    My main problem with Arkam City is I got it on Steam and still need Window Live to save my game.

    Yea, just upgraded for this and other titles. Bit dissapointing, it really makes the game pretty choppy when you turn these settings on. Why did they take the extra 3 weeks to release the PC version if this is just going to happen? Looks awsome though in DX11, they just need to get these framerate issues sorted.

    It's quite hilarious that the selling point of the PC release, DX11, is broken. I tried the benchmark and got 1FPS at some points. Glorious. With that said though I've taken to having a good chuckle every time my new release PC game is a broken mess. I chuckle a lot.

    I bought the game on Steam when it was $40. I haven't downloaded it yet because I used my spare quota on the SWTOR beta. Glad I did since it sounds like it's quite buggy atm.

    Oh well. Leaves me with mroe time to enjoy Skyrim and Serious Sam 3.

    Works fine on DX9 for me but yeah massive problems with DX11

    i never got my serial from STEAM, whats going on?

    nevermind, found it... hidden in the right click menu...

    what about CATWOMAN DLC? is it included in the steam version? I can't see anywhere to unlock it

      It's included with the game, should become apparent from the very start. (Retail box had a confusing description on the back, that didn't actually seem relevant to actually use Catwoman.) Have fun, man. Here's hoping you don't encounter any troubles. :D

    This is a total mess. Not only does DX11 have major issues but voices skip, stutter or flat out don't play during certain cutscenes and such.

    Oh and word on the official forum from another user is that the last code compile for the game was Sept 27. I'm no expert on that stuff and wouldn't know how to verify that but if it's true wouldn't that mean NOTHING has been changed since then? Thus leaving only one reason for the PC delay...increased console sales.

      Another post by Chazz, another post where he talks about stuff he knows nothing of.

        Notice how I said "I’m no expert on that stuff and wouldn’t know how to verify that". Notice how I wrote it as a question? Obviously not.

        I also forgot to ask;

        When are you going to post under your usual username? Hiding behind another name is kinda silly don't ya think?

    I started playing today and started getting plauged with problems. I'm going to wait for the patch, it's too stunning in DX11 to play it in DX9.

    This is what happens when studios write games for DX9 console systems....sigh

    I just hope that this patch will fix the issues.

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