Battlefield 3 Still Can’t Dethrone Black Ops

Battlefield 3 Still Can’t Dethrone Black Ops

The latest Xbox Live activity list — the first covering a full week of Battlefield 3 availability — shows that more people are still playing 2010’s Call of Duty: Black Ops online. BF3 is second, then Modern Warfare 2, then Gears of War 3.


  • A good example why dedicated servers are essential for some games.

    At least through the server browser in BF3 you can (hopefully) find a suitable game rather than hitting “play” and crossing your fingers. CoD doesn’t have dedicated servers, but it does have squillions of players.

  • I’m not surprised. For all the trash talking EA made about Battlefield 3 killing CoD I don’t think anyone really thought it was going to happen. I believe BF3 is a better game than MW3, however it’s not hard to know that there is no link between what is good, and what is popular.

        • And MW3’s story line is about as interesting a wet carrot. The game’s shit. IW carried the MW series and now they’re producing average, but not great, games.

          It’s now left to Treyarch to take over the CoD domination

    • I agree. CoD is the ultimate non-gamers’ game. A huge chunk of the player base probably hasn’t even heard of or given any thought to Battlefield. I think Battlefield is hugely superior to CoD, but I never thought it’d outsell.

    • I just stood in the train… two lads in front of me were talking about MW3; describing what I assume to be Co-op missions as “You get a big gun or small gun and you do; “pew, pew, pew”” and “You have to do… uhm… “pew, pew, pew””.

      I don’t think BF3 ever was meant to be the game for these fellows… but rather pull the ‘gamers’ from MW3. Seems they did a reasonable job, they sold at least twice as much as their previous installment.

  • The problem here being that the lead platform for Bf3 is pc and arguably the lead for mw3 is xbox 360.

    A more acurate finding would be players across all platforms. So by its very nature these stats are flawed.

  • Makes sense. The CoDkids gave BF3 a go, jumped into a jet and faceplanted into the ground. Then they tried shooting and realised that they needed to actually aim their guns at people and work together as a team. So they gave BF3 the middle finger and ran back off to CoD for their 1 second killtimes.

  • That’s funny, the multiplayer stats for Steam don’t report ANYONE as playing Battlefield 3…

    [Yes, I’m joking]

    • You mean now my entire army won’t be filled with nothin but Recons attempting to spam their rifles on the back of a mountain without taking gravity into account or sitting on the jet spawn waiting to use it like a killstreak?

  • I still have doubts about how UU is counted. In CoD (and in Halo) you can have split screen and log in multiple players from one console. In BF3 there is no split screen, so one player per console.

    Does UU count split screens as multiple UU or just one?

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