Battlefield 3’s Doors Don’t Even Need Hinges

Battlefield 3’s Doors Don’t Even Need Hinges

One of the most memorable things I saw in the last Call of Duty game involved a door and some hinges. One of the most memorable things I’ve seen from the last Battlefield game involves a door.

But these men don’t need hinges.

Or are they ghosts?

Vengeful spirits of a Middle-Eastern conflict past?

Whatever they are, at least one of them was kind enough to come back and help you out.

Battlefield 3’s AI leaves something to be desired [Reddit]


  • Yet another battlefield 3 glitch. This one is a little funnier than freezing my ps3 4/10 startups, random screen flashes and graphic freakouts.

  • I dont think they expect people to run and gun through this game, i was stuck waiting for 10 minutes for the next check point to appear. I cleared all the enimies than just had to run around until it appeared. Was just about to turn it off, luckily i held out and it appeared.

  • Have had a part where i had a solider that i hadnt killed in one section that would walk through the walls trying to get to me and hearing his footsteps as i moved, only time he would come out of the walls is wihen i got to a cutscene that meant i couldnt fire and then he would knife me.

    Happened about 5 times getting knifed in the cutscene before i waited just before the cutscene for about 2 mins waiting for him to get out of the wall so i could kill him.

    Turns out only the living can walk through walls, not the dead :S

  • they seem to have rushed the game out, probably worrying too much about MW3, i’d say another 3 months of dev time would have solved all this stuff

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