Battlefield 3’s Fabulous Flying Snipers

Battlefield 3’s Fabulous Flying Snipers

The Micro Air Vehicle in Battlefield 3 is meant to be used to scout the battlefield, remotely spotting enemies. But in this video it becomes a tiny, mobile flying sniper platform.

As you can see in this video, the MAV is being used to carry snipers up to typically unreachable positions or even provide a mid-air crouching spot for picking off distant enemies. I’m a little unclear if this is still something you can do in the game or if it has sense been fixed. So for now, beware the flying snipers.


    • Somehow I don’t think DICE intended a vehicle meant for recon to allow players to access what are supposed to be inaccessible areas.

      People who QQ about mortar spam are just idiots. This could be a lot worse.

  • I dont think it’ll get fixed/nerfed, as any high place a sniper goes to will be sitting ducks. Its just the side of me that likes realism reckons it should be fixed since the MAV cant possible carry a person (power and stability wise) >_<

    • I agree with your sentiment Shodannet…but any realism in Battlefield goes out the window with the magic teleporters that let you spawn on your squad mates 🙂

      • I can accept that when the alternative is being peppered with bullets as I parachute in :S At least adjust the MAV movement speed when someones standing on it!

  • The best part of Battlefield has always been finding out all the random stuff you can do in the game world, like riding on top of helicopter rotors, and killing planes with jeeps, and launching tanks hundreds of metres into the air.

  • Something similar was possible in BF2142 too, with the squad leader devices. Pretty sure Dice put a stop to it eventually.

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