Battlefield Cheater Repents. Then Goes Bananas

Battlefield Cheater Repents. Then Goes Bananas

Internet person DarkSydeGeoff discovered an exploit in Battlefield 3. He didn’t just tell a friend, he told the entire world. Now, he’s sorry. And going on a rampage.

“I noticed a lot of people were really upset about me exposing the exploit in Battlefield 3,” Geoff told Kotaku. “I am very regretful for single-handedly ruining the community so I decided to repent.”

By “repent” he meant spending his free time going around Battlefield 3‘s Hardcore servers and killing people using the exploit. Even though Geoff sounds all kinds of nutty in this video–spending the last bit going on a maniacal spree–he seems like a nice enough chap. I think.

Battlefield 3 Griefing: Repent For My Sins [YouTube]


  • HIlaaaaarious. I figured out how to cheat and then ran around killing people who copied me to ‘repent’.

    D-bags like this are the reason why Jebus blessed us with the mute button. And also the reason why it took DICE 3 days to plug the last boosting exploit.

    • Amen. What. A. Spazz. I feel sorry for his girlfriend/lady friend/boyfriend/left hand.

      Betcha he’s the sort of bloke who gawps at car crashes. Sorry to rant but this sort of stuff just annoys me so much.

    • Yeh I agree. I can understand if he was going around killing those who were exploiting but when he started killing people for no reason, that was bloody stupid.

  • Oh i remember this guy, the guy so shitty he couldnt complete the witcher 2 tutorial on easy and complained because of it

  • it was funny when he was griefing people who were boosting, but other than that, he was just a dick

    • P.S – this is quite funny as it completely debunks the basis of your argument against Nate. Since as we can see, you, are the model of maturity and therefore have the right to scrutinize + judge the words of others with such resolute effectiveness.

      • How did it debunk anything? Can one only laugh at the most intelligent humour? Does one always have to be serious? Is there no room in your world for simple stupid fun?

  • first he gives lessons on how to be a douche, now he’s running around tk’ing, ruining the game even more for the legit players. You can’t win with half a team. The best thing this guy could do for his sins, is delete his origin account and trade his copy of bf3 in for mw3

    • Oh look another comment that tries to say “BF3 players are more mature than CoD players”. Yet funnily enough the only people consistently being childish and bagging others and their choice of entertainment have been the BF3 folk. So maybe, Nate, just maybe his dickish behaviour is right at home with BF3 along with all the other arrogant people who think their opinions rank higher than others.

      • And. Maybe just maybe, CHAZZ. You took the bait perfectly. Whether you define it as hypocrisy or innocent banter, you’ve honestly been the instigator of that competitive, immature attitude in this string. I’m not talking about games, I’m talking about you. And I’m saying to you in respectful honesty.. Who the fuck cares about any of this at the end of the day. For all you know, Nate was making a light hearted joke that you took too seriously. And why? You work for Activision? On behalf of every exasperated gamer out there, let me repeat the question. One. Last. Time. Who the fuck cares?

          • Are you currently dating activison. Open your eyes and see that mw3 is copy pasted from the two previous installments.

          • I don’t care, so much as I was moved. By your attitude. Dude, think about it. I can write 100 paragraphs about how lame it all is. However I’d be left with the same question at the end of each one.

            The sincere truth is that I enjoy games. I enjoy constructive discussion about games and to be fair I am not shy of my opinion. The truth furthermore is that you wouldn’t be so uppity about “what game is better” unless you had a rather immature emotional investment in the game. How old are you? To then go on and accuse someone else of the same trait isn’t fair.

            Can you answer the question of who cares? My question is, who would be fickle enough to attack another person over which video game is better?

            I’ll leave you alone now, but the point I am making is that everyone is sick of it. Everyone is sick of the fight between fanbois. It is idiotic.

          • Oh don’t get me wrong, I love Battlefield (pre-BC anyway) and I enjoy CoD. My point was simply that in almost every single article about MW3 the comments have been filled with ridiculous statements about how crap the game is and how childish, immature and stupid the fans of the series are when in reality the only people who have been childish and immature are the BF fans.

          • A lot of people care, just not in a positive way. All the CoD articles on here have been full of hate comments. And yeah, it is a bit of hypocrisy when all the haters are pro-BF3… Is it not immature to bitch and whine about the competition constantly?

            As for me, I sort of care but try not to. People have different tastes, but honestly the hate is fucking ridiculous.

          • “And. Maybe just maybe, CHAZZ. You took the bait perfectly. ”

            I’m still trying to figure out what that sentence means… They are words, just not in any order to make sense. I’m so confused!!

  • I’m pretty sure, he’s more sarcastic then anything else. It’s not really particularly remorseful in any way. Whether he’s a douche or not, I don’t see why anyone should blame him for the exploit, especially when DICE should still be on high ‘post-launch’ alert for large exploits or bugs that may surface.

  • one of those “plugs” to stop booster is booting multiple consoles on the same IP address playing on the same server.

    Now me and my housemates can’t play BF3 together anymore.


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