Belgian Lolitas Dancing. Belgians Wearing Funny Costumes. Belgians Kicking Ass

The Japan Expo Belgium 2011 was held in Belgium, with folks dressing up like Japanese anime and game characters. And other people beating the crap out of each other.

In the above video, Belgian Lolitas play Just Dance. In the other clips, folks cosplay. Not all their costumes are based on Japanese created characters, which is totally fine. Japanese people don't always cosplay home-grown characters, you know.

There wasn't only cosplay, but even karate and wrestling. Japan loves wrestling!

The Japan Expo Belgium 2011 was held earlier this month in Brussels. Everyone seemed to have had a good time, even those who lost at wrestling.

ベルギー初のジャパン [はちま起稿]


    "The Japan Expo Belgium 2011 was held in Belgium"

    Well thank God someone figured that out. Bashcraft better head back to Scotland Yard though, I hear Sherlock needs his help.

    I wish we could change the term Lolita for that style of cosplay. It is a pretty nasty connotation, and it makes it hard to explain to people. Moreover, my kids are getting into dressing up for Supanova and such, and it really, really makes my skin crawl to say my 8 year old daughter is dressing as a Lolita, especially when there's nothing 'sexy' about the outfits!

      Actually, I wish people would stop calling lolita cosplay. It's not like they're dressing up as some character. Lolita is a fashion style associated with a certain subculture. Just because it's a subculture from Japan and it's a very out-there way of dressing doesn't make it cosplay. It's like saying all goths are cosplaying.

      Lolita is a very stupid term to use for the style of dressing. Like you said, it's not very sexy. It's in fact the complete opposite of the usual western understanding of lolita. Instead of over-sexualised young girls dressing above her age, it's more under-sexualised women dressing far below their age.

    Did know, it's actually illegal in Australia to depict woman as underage.

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