BioShock Movie? Meh…

BioShock Movie? Meh…

Once upon a time, Hollywood was hot to trot on BioShock. Now? Less so. Making movies — especially ones that take place underwater — are expensive.

Even though there was a director (Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Gore Verbinski), the project ultimately sunk. “I couldn’t really get past anybody that would spend the money that it would take to do it and keep an R rating,” Verbinski said earlier this year.

And while BioShock designer Ken Levine still seemed to have hope for the picture in August 2010, these days he seems far less optimistic.

“We got very close to having it get made — we had a deal in place and a director. But for us there’s no burning [desire] to have a movie made just to get it made,” Levine told Industry Gamers. “For us and for Take-Two, it’s really got to be something that will a) give the fans something that they want, and b) for those who don’t know BioShock, really introduce them to something that is consistent with the game, and is it going to be a good representation of the game.”

Levine summed it up with: “But you know, we don’t have a need to get it made.” He’s right. They don’t. Movies are good at introducing games to a larger audience, but the gaming audience is already pretty freaking big.

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  • BUT A well made Bioshock movie would be awesome, I just hope it follows the story line similarily to one of the main characters of the game and not just some Resident Evil 2 remake but underwater as thats what I can see happening with it. “A modern investigation team delves into the deep to have a look around after reports of a distress signal being found in the middle of the ocean. After more research they find stories of an underwater world, lost for ever and decide to investigate. They find the art-deco world of the past but its inhabited by COSPLAY ENTHUSIASTS!! And the team gets munched on, fireballed and frozen by insane steam punk zombies”

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