BioShock's Little Sister, In The Flesh

Pulling off a good Little Sister cosplay is tough! Go too far one way and you'll look creepy, go too far the other way and you'll try and look sexy and end up being even creepier. This one, though, nails it.

Taken at this year's Otakon, and snapped by photographer LJinto, they're everything that's awesome about cosplay in 2011. Good source material, good costumes, good photos, good effects.

You can see way, way more awesome cosplay shots (both of the Little Sister and other stuff) at LJinto's Flickr page, linked below.

LJinto's photostream [Flickr, via Rampaged Reality]


    My first thought : "Wow, that's a pretty good costume even though she's obviously a lot older than the character she's going for..."

    Second thought : "My lord... somewhere somebody is fapping like crazy to this right now aren't they?"

    Third thought : "... I wonder if that is as close to pedophelia as I imagine it to be..."

    Fourth thought : "I need to stop thinking about creepy fappers... NOW..."

      Fifth thought: "..."

      *FAP* *FAP* *FAP*

      You dirty bastard ;)

        you don't have to think about that, it just happens

        (Comment on story from the dead)

    Wow the efforts these people are going to these days

    Cool costume, cool setting. Well done!

    If you look on the Mana Bar's Facebook page, on their mobile uploads photo album, their very first photo is of the lovely Talia, dressed as little sister, just as good, if not better, than the one there. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

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