BioWare's Next Big Thing Makes An Explosive First Impression

While fans occupy themselves waiting for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the third Mass Effect game, BioWare is busy working on something new -- something that looks like this.

That's right, BioWare is working on Rage. No wait, that can't be right, but a little over a month since id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter with Road Warrior tendencies hit it's the first thing that comes to mind when I see a vehicle of some sort colliding with another vehicle in a shower of shredded metal and dust clouds.

What do we know so far? Not too much. Formerly referred to as simply 'New Project', Game Informer's Jim Reilly refers to it as a new franchise, meaning it's not tied to BioWare's former properties. Dammit, and here I was hoping for Jade Empire Combat Racing.

We'll find out more next month, with this new franchise making its debut at the Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday, December 10 on Spike TV, MTV2 And at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

That leaves us only a month and change to speculate. We'd better get busy.

First Look Of BioWare's New Franchise [Game Informer]


    Sigh... I know it's only one picture, but it looks to me like another Fallout/Borderlands/Rage clone... Has BioWare lost it's originality?

    I was hoping for a second Jade Empire... or a third singleplayer KOTOR.

      How is more Jade Empire or KOTOR original?

      Anyway, I think a new IP from Bioware was inevitable because they've said from the beginning that Mass Effect was going to be a trilogy. So they'll need something to fill the ME shaped void.

        Touche, but to be honest I meant more of an original theme, rather than IP. I just feel there has been an oversaturation of the post-apocalyptic setting with deserts and bandits and ramshackle towns... I trully hope that thats not what this will be.

    Has that guy broken his legs, or are they just really concaved?

      Kinda looks like he has a horse's leg/hoof for his left leg....

        It looks like he has a boot on and there's a bit of debris near his toes.

    Hmmm. Y'know, looking at that screeny doesn't make me think "post-apocalypse". Especially the poor flying man's attire. I think Bioware are making a modern world game.

      I thought the same. Or some modern spy RPG?

        Alpha Protocol... done to a fuller extent?

          Oh gods I hope so, Alpha Protocol made by someone who actually tests their games would be fantastic.

            I didn't find Alpha Protocol to be too bad.
            It just felt under realised.

              I liked Alpha Protocol, bugs and all. If Bioware reckons they can go one better, more power to 'em.

              Wait, didn't they hint at something like this earlier in the year? *checks archive* Yeah, here:


    To be honest BioWare haven't exactly been known for their originality with the themes of their games and I love them to death.

    Star Wars isn't their own, Mass Effect is Star Wars. And most of their other games are inspired from another role playing game.

    So I don't know people are getting their knickers in a knot over this. I just look forward to whatever BioWare are putting out cause it will probably be awesome.

    Wow the Dakar has been getting really intense lately, hasn't it?

    So post-apocalyptic is the new WW2 I take it?

    Def. looks nextgen/high-end PC

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