Black Ops Finally Surrenders Top Slot On Xbox Live—to Modern Warfare 3

Fending off challenges from Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 during their launch weeks, Call of Duty: Black Ops at last met its match this past week -- in its successor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Xbox Live's Major Nelson reports Modern Warfare 3 was the console service's most popular game for the past week, in the first week of its release. Basically, Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 took their best shot at Call of Duty, couldn't knock it off in the first week of their releases, and then MW3 just strolled in and walked away with it on day one.

The stat tracks unique users, which means someone who played Black Ops on Monday and then abandoned it for Modern Warfare 3 on Tuesday counts toward both titles. Still, it shows that only Call of Duty's latest title could unseat its last one.

According to the Major, the top five are all dudebro shooters -- Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 2 and Gears of War 3. FIFA 12, the world's biggest selling sports title, came in at No. 6, with Skyrim at No. 7. Halo: Reach held on to No. 8, ahead of this year's Madden 12 with Grand Theft Auto IV, more than three years after its release, still at No. 10.

Among other legacy titles, Halo 3 and the first Modern Warfare, both released in 2007, are still in the Top 20. Call of Duty: World at War, released in 2008, sits at No. 20.

Xbox Live Activity for the Week of Nov. 7 [Major Nelson]


    Damn, top five are MW3, BlOps, BF3, MW2 and Gears3 - last week I predicted MW3, BlOps, BF3, Gears3 and MW2. I clearly underestimated the appeal of MW2 after MW3's release.

    But still, that's 60% right, which I'm pretty sure qualifies me to do Michael Pachter's job.

      ITT: People who haven't played MW3, have no interest in MW3 and are completely unaffected by the success of MW3, but were concerned people might not know that they have an opinion about MW3 nonetheless.

      Thanks for sharing, everyone.

    and not a shit was given today.

    Disappointing but not surprising.

    Of course, a game with short killtimes can only be beaten by the same game with even shorter ridiculous killtimes.

      I'm getting pretty sick of this anti-CoD brand of elitism, especially given that most of us probably own or have owned every instalment since CoD4:MW.

        I've owned every CoD since Medal of Honour. But my hatred isn't based on its popularity (I actually like the series), my hatred is based on how poisonous the franchise has been and it's influence over gamers and other games. Now people won't even look at other games unless the killtimes are just as short as CoD.

          Point taken. I recently had a post featured on Bitmob, pleading for people not to leave Gears of War 3 for the likes of MW and BF3. I don't think it worked :'(

            Gears of War 3 also suffered from the CoDkids. Ever since the first game everybodys been using the Gnasher because it was basically a one-hit kill at short range (2 at medium) so everybody used it because it was so fast. Now with GoW3 we have the DBS and everybody uses that because the killtimes with it are so short. It may have a lond reload time, but they'll have reloaded by the time they meet their next foe.

            But GoW3 has more staying power because every match with an empty spot is taken up by A.I. Human players may naturally be better then bots, but it's a nice gesture.

              I've noticed that players have started going back to the Gnasher because of the reload times. I'm one of the few still rocking the DBS.

    GoW3 should be number 1, with BF3 following closely. Irrefutable.

    Yuck every CoD is up there

    Might as well call it the top played Call of Duty games of the month

    Sigh faith in gamers of today = lost

      It's not the gamers fault, most of those numbers are made up by non-gamers. Like kids, fratboys, and bro gamers.

        'Like kids, fratboys, and bro gamers.'
        Who would still fall under the category of 'gamers'.
        See this article:

          I still wouldn't call them gamers. Like I wouldn't call myself a chef for cooking dinner.

            +1... they're not gamers, they're CODers.

            My 2 sons are more a gamer than me these days, admittedly due to me having little time left. They read about and keep up to date on their games, check out guides and extra content, read reviews and opinion pieces (I find it’s easier to work on reading and comprehension when they are interested in the subject matter) and often times hand my own ass to me in many of them. Sure they don't play some of the harder more mature games that you and I enjoy... they want to, but they're still only 9 and 10.
            Just sayin… Kids can be gamers too as I don’t see how your age affect your passion and enjoyment of a pastime.

              Not to say that kids can't be gamers, but the thing with kids is that they're a fan of everything. When you're a kid you get into as most hobbies as you can, that's kind of the whole point of being a kid. Tasting as much different aspects of life. As they get older their individual tastes are more defined and they start focusing more towards those hobbies.

              When I was a kid, everybody played games. But when we went to highschool very few people actually remained playing games. That's because everybody was finding out their own hobbies and likes. I still played games because it was my hobby and I have been my whole life.

              Finding a kid that's into gaming isn't hard because they're giving it a taste, but it's pretty hard to find a gamer kid who loves it as his hobby.

            Chefs are professionals, though, so your analogy would imply that neither of us are 'gamers', either. Unless you play games professionally, which I kinda doubt.

              +1 to this.

              We only distinguish between amateurs and professionals - the cook/chef strawman doesn't hold up.

              Maybe people who've been gaming a long time feel like they deserve the title more and there's nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind a doctor is still a doctor, regardless of how long ago they finished medical school.

              You don't have to be a "pro" in order to be a good cook and to love cooking.

                Anyone who cooks something, regardless of how good or bad other people might think it is or how many times they have cooked before = cook.

                Anyone who plays a game, regardless of how good or bad other people think it is or how many other games they have played = gamer.

                Someone who cooks professionally = chef.
                Someone who plays games professionally = pro gamer.

                Your assertion that a fratboy dudebro can't be a gamer as well is flawed, and elitist horseshit. It's this kind of exclusionary thinking that is going to hold games back.

                  Uh, no. When I make dinner I'm not a cook. I'm just making something I need to eat.

                  and no, touching a game doesn't automatically make you a gamer. Getting a new phone and accidently opening whatever free game that came with it doesn't make that person a gamer.

                  Again, nope. Fratboys aren't gamers, they're fratboys. They're just using games to help them deal with their SDS, like people who buy fast/big cars, or guys who take advantage of drunk girls.

                  This isn't elitist shit, elitist shit is when someone thinks they're better then other people within their group and try to prove they're better then them and deserve to be heard over them. Like hipsters.

                  Funny how you say we should create games to cater to fratboys when fratboys are making the already negative impression of online gaming even worse.

    In a years time, when every game is CoD clone, and people ask why, studios and publishers will point to this.

    While I enjoy MW3, I can't help but feel a little jaded that all the top games (and presumably top selling games) are all of that ilk. Glad that Skyrim is fairly high, but not high enough in my opinion.

    Damn CoD poisoning the industry and making every game exactly the same. I can't even tell the difference between Skyrim, Dark Souls, GTA, Diablo, God of War, Catherine, Monster Hunter, Assasins Creed, Uncharted and Saints Row. They are all identical.

    Sometimes I think people can't be happy unless they have something to complain about.


    Interesting. While Skyrim is blowing MW3 right of the water on PC, it's done nothing of the sort on the 360. Both games were originally PC titles and are now more focused for consoles.

    I'm not really surprise, i guess it's time for them.

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      Now it's Black OPS 1 and 2..but still!.. MW3 was way better on my opinion! what do you thin guys?

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