Borderlands Fan Passes Away, Honoured As Borderlands 2 Character

Michael John Mamaril sadly passed away last month at the age of just 22. Being a big Borderlands fan, Michael's friend Carlo thought a nice way to remember him would be to have the game somehow pay tribute. Borderlands developers Gearbox did this and then some.

The game's loud-mouthed robot assistant, Claptrap, has recorded a short eulogy for Michael, which while a little strange to hear is still a touching gesture.

A more public showing is the fact Michael will be included in the game as an NPC.

You can hear the eulogy below.

Gearbox to honour late fan as an NPC in Borderlands 2 [Destructoid]


    A very touching tribute by Gearbox to a Borderlands fan.

    hey look at me im eulogizing, im eulogizing!

    seriously though, good on you gearbox, thats some real fan service right there

    This is why I love Gearbox.

    That's really, really sweet - and the eulogy was really touching and just great in every way.

    I do hope that nothing breaks the true support Gearbox gives to its fan base...

    It's things like this that make me proud to be a gamer.

    We might be crazy and have the social skills of roadkill, but every so often a developer will pop up who plays *with* the fans.

    I just hope the family understands the jokingness of it all.

    Wow, massive respect to Gearbox. That was beautiful.

    goddamit, whoever is holding that onion under my face, CUT IT OUT!!!

    RIP Michael.

    After listening to this Gearbox have my deepest respect for honouring one of their many fans like this.
    I'll gladly admit to tearing up a little towards the end....

    wow. that was a really really kind thing to do.

    Gearbox <3

    RIP Michael, and a huge kudos to Carlo and Gearbox. Both are truly great.

    Wow, that's impressive. The fact that Gearbox would go above and beyond is amazing. I'm sure the family will appreciate it too, even if they don't know what borderlands is. Kudos to his mate, Carlo for helping organise it.
    Condolences to the family, anyone who has seen someone go through cancer knows it's a horrible disease.

    this right here and this video here -----> ...are just two of the many reasons why I have such a deep respect and love for Gearbox.... not only do they make brilliant games... but they go out of their way to show their fans how much they truly appreciate them! Randy Pitchford and the many staff at Gearbox.... cheers to you all!

    This is the true and proper respect for the fanbase that so many developers these days lack.

      You're acting like Gearbox was obligated to do this, or at the least should have felt as such. They aren't, and that's what makes this such a touching story.

    Gearbox: quickly becoming my favourite developer.

    Well, that's touching and all.. must suck to be one of the thousands of other dedicated game fans kicking the bucket without friends bold enough to make such a request.

    This is the nicest thing I've heard in the video game world ever

    There isn't much that can make me tear up. but seeing a group like Gearbox do something like that for a fan... that's just awesome. Respect, guys

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