Brendan Brewer Is Trolling You!

Brendan Brewer Is Trolling You!

Sometimes, Brendan Brewer just like to watch the internet burn…

Cameron Davis also makes a comic called Henry, The Sexually Perverted Chocolate Bar. He doesn’t go outside much.


  • I’m not sure I like these comics. This is clearly targeting gamespot, but the reviewer themselves don’t have much say in the final score, they just write their own review. This kinda feels like flameboy bashing to me, when reviewers are just people doing their job.

    I’d prefer the articles that mock the raging fanboy hordes, like that awesome Orwellian scoring system one.

    • ah by final “score” do you mean meta-critic? as most sites which assign scores to reviews the scoring is done by the reviewer.

      • I think Jake is referring to “Gerstner-gate” incident. Where the marketing/advertising depts determine the final score rather than the reviewer.

  • I may be alone in this, but I’m really not a big fan of these. Game ratings are broken. We know. It’s been this way for years. Repeating the same joke over and over doesn’t help.

    • I agree. I generally use review score numbers as a ballpark figure, and then read the written review (or watch the video) and see if I’m interested.

      Oh, and justin, I meant gamespots final score. The reviewer writes the review, comes up with a rough score, and then a team of editors look over it and make the final decision about what score.

    • It’s like the Justin Bieber hate. Everything that needed to be said has been said and you’re not clever for banging on about it.

      • The thing is, hate doesn’t have to be clever to be accurate. Hate isn’t measured in cleverness, it’s measured in quantity.

        • I’ve worked as a QA tester on many games, and when I read the reviews I’m asking if they were looking at the same game. What I consider shit and terrible, some reviewers praise…

          Reviews will always be bias

  • This might be a joke but I’ve always wondered if a bored or stressed writer might do something like this for the fun of it. I hope not though.

  • Also, the problem with review systems isn’t the reviewers, it’s the whiny fanboys who don’t read the content of the article, skip to the number, and then rage over it because their entire sense of self-worth is wrapped up in whether people agree with their purchasing decisions or not.

    • Not to say that “whiny fanboys” don’t deserve some blame. But I think there are still quite a few other issues that affect the quality of the review system.

  • But a lot of up and coming reviews do exactly this in order to get attention.

    In a sea of reviewers who are all fawning over a particular game, what’s the one sure fire way for an up and coming writer to get himself and his blog noticed? A low score.

    It hit the nail on the head.

  • This might work better as a month worth of comics put into a single post. I’m all for artists having a formula but “internet + self entitlement = no friends” is like looking at a guy walking down the street eating a banana. You know he’s either going to slip and be lame, or something completely absurd and forced will come in from no where.

  • I think this misses the point by miles. Reviewers should not be beholden to anyone else’s opinion when they are writing reviews. Reviews, by their very nature, are purely subjective things and are based on that person’s experience of the game. Metascore can go die in a ditch- writers don’t (or shouldn’t) do it to be contrarian- they have a right not to enjoy the game in the same fits of rapture that the IGNs of the world do.

    In that regard, I think the comic misses its mark. Sure, Brendan is a lowly scumbag of a game reviewer (we are reminded of this in very unsubtle ways every week), but shouldn’t we skew the people who are out to get him for his imperfect review instead?

  • Im surprised no body got angry over gametrailers score.
    They pretty much said it was the worst game in the seriese but gave it a 9.1

  • +1 to those saying it’s time to ditch these.

    Haven’t found a single one funny. It’s like the Fred Basset of geek comic strips (minus whatever it is people see in Fred Basset that keeps it being printed).

  • Who the hell is Brenden Brewer and why on earth does he get his own spot on Kotaku?

    These comics are bad, I think Brenden should stick to his day job.

  • This comic is tripe garbage. Not just this particular installment, but the entirety of the body of work of this webcomic excreter. To see something like this pushed by a respectable gaming site is just deplorable.

    If you like this, frankly, you’re an idiot.

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