Brendan Brewer Wants His Review Copy Dammit!

Brendan Brewer Wants His Review Copy Dammit!

Brendan Brewer hates street date breaks for a completely different reason…

Cameron Davis also makes comics about mowing the back yard, digging up the back yard and generally avoiding the back yard. They’re called Suburban Life Stories.


  • I think every street date just reeks of desperation of the companies trying to charge FULL rrp for a game before competition comes.. but hey what do i know

  • Am I being overly optomistic when I say that these don’t particularly amuse me, but I keep checking in the hopes that one day they will?

  • Don’t most review copies go out well in advance of release, usually a week or more? Most street date breaks are a day or two before the scheduled release.

    These comics are not remotely funny, incidentally.

        • Exactly – and if people leave just because of a single once-a-wekk post then it’s probably best they aren’t here anyway

        • thats what these comics make me want to do, I keep coming back every week in the hopes that I will figure out why someone in their right mind would like this, the are much more web comics much more deserving

          I do wonder though, why can’t this just be added to the Sunday comics thread, like at the bottom, so I never have to see another Cameron Davis drawing again

          • I agree with diminuendo. Sorry but these comics are as good as people in the special olympics. Watch them laugh, watch them drool, Watch them fall into the pool, that’s diving. At the special olympics.

        • Some people like it but it seems quite a few more don’t considering the response these comics normally get. Also, diminuendo raises a valid point, this could and should be put in with the Sunday Comic lineup even though that’s still being extremely generous.

  • Just here waiting for the guy who wrote the “Breaking street dates is gonna kill us all” Article to drop in and say “Just wait till I can say I told you so.”

    Punchline was a little weak in this one. Maybe next time.

    • Yeah, that article was in the back of my mind a bit 🙂

      Fair enough, I’ll work harder to make the punchline….punchier (?) next time. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Its more of an observation then a joke, and to me at least, observational Humor has been less ‘haha, nice’ and more “*nods head and strokes his beard thoughtfully*”

        Thats just the sort of game it is, I guess.

        • The punchline would be tighter if you lost the “makes me feel less special” (and fixed up the resulting grammar, of course).

          Otherwise, a good topical strip this week.

  • Review copies for Triple A titles normally arrive on street dates. Reason being is they dont want ISO’s turning up on sites before strret thus potentially costing the publishers huge amounts of cash.

    • Actually I’ve always been led to believe that review copies arrive on street date because they don’t want negative reviews potentially impacting sales/cancelling pre-orders.

      • It’s a bit of both, really. There’s also the reason that some publishers don’t get copies to send out for review until it’s practically release date, due to printing and shipping times.

        Review copies – even though they’re free for the reviewer – still cost the publisher money, so some publishers restrict the number of review copies they make to reduce costs.

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