British Tabloid On Xbox Live Con Artists

Phishing scans are not unique to the Xbox 360. They aren't even unique to game consoles. Anytime you connect to the internet, your passwords, your info and your credit cards could be at risk.

According to British tabloid The Sun (I know!), con artists are going after gamers. Crooks are sending out emails, directing people to phoney websites that offer free Microsoft Points to use on Xbox Live.

"Victims then enter personal details which let criminals access accounts and get hold of credit card information," wrote The Sun. "Crooks take small amounts from credit cards over several weeks — making them hard to detect."

Other cons include befriending people on Xbox Live, and then asking them for personal details. The Sun described other victims that were locked out of their accounts, because their passwords were stolen.

While stuff like this is bad news, all of these cons sound like cons you'd find anywhere on the internet. But The Sun in an "exclusive" said Xbox Live brass spent the evening working so Xbox Live players don't fall victim to fraud.

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft.

Gamers caught in Xbox cyber fraud [The Sun]

Top photo: Frank Augstein/AP


    I was wondering why MX (The FOX News of newspapers) was reporting on this today, seeing as it's something that anyone would be quite aware of by now. Especially since phishing, hacking and social engineering have been going on for years. After reading the original article it confirms that MX just copies and pastes internet articles, but I've never been able to quite pick from where.

    I like the part where they leave off with a single sentence that Sony was hacked earlier this year, for no other apparent reason than to get hits.

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