Bruises Make The Best Pokémon

You might look at a bruise as something to cover up. Hide it until you recover. One Twitter user saw something else: A Pocket Monster.

Here, Pokémon Gastly, a black ball of glowing matter surrounded by purple gas, takes the place of an unsightly black-and-blue spot.

The text bubble reads, "Ah! A wild Gastly appeared!", while it says "Gastly Level 22" in the upper left.

アザが治りかけてきた [TwitPic]


    An article about somebody who was bored.

    Oh, Kotaku US.

      I thought it was incredibly cool and I'm glad it was posted. If you don't like it, read the other articles instead of having a teary.

        I thought it was pretty funny too. I can see myself inspecting the bruises after my next night out and deciding which one to do a Mr Squiggle on!

    I pity the fool who tries to catch them all.

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