Building The World's Biggest LAN Party

The DreamHack festivals, held throughout the year in Sweden, are the world's biggest LAN parties. How big is big? The one starting today, DreamHack Winter 2011, is the biggest of the lot, and should pull in over 12,000 people.

The event set a world record for LAN parties last year when it drew 12,754 computers and 13,608 humans, so this year's should be just as big, if not bigger.

If you ever wondered just how much crap has to be put together to sustain that number of people all playing PC games in the one place, well, now you know.


    Yeah PC gaming is dead. :P

    Some sales man at Cisco is most likely laughing to the bank.

    Insane! I quiver at the thought of how much power this event would sap up. lol
    Thought Respawn in Melbourne was big enough.

    They might not be using brand new gear, if it's a yearly event, then they might be using last years gear or the gear from a previous year.

    You may also want to add that this dreamhack they will be testing 120Gbps internet as a world record using cisco switches.

    Yes thats 120gbps. Quick enough to download a full movie in 0.47 seconds.

    Not a torrent, that would assume both ends are connected at the same speed and it was pulling a file from one machine to the other.


    Oh god, I just thought "can you imagine the smell of 13,000 gamers?" and nearly vomited in my mouth a bit. It's depressing that I've met so many people that fit the stereotype all too well...

      your name smells familiar ;)

    Just goes to show how "dead" the Pc community is and how the industry is suffering because of it........ :S

    Day[9] tweeted this picture yesterday from the event just before he started casting.

    So ... why do games cut LAN from the multiplayer? Seems a bit silly with stuff like that going on, power to the LAN baby!!

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