But Will Dark Souls Armor Protect You On Japanese Trains?


    That's quite an article you have there Brian.

    Following in the footsteps of your overlord Luke Plunkett are you?

      In all fairness, what else is there to say?

      "Here's a humourous picture featuring a man, in real life no less, dressed up like a character from a video game that one would presume he enjoys. The game in question is Dark Souls and the armor that is being displayed here by out wonderful, energetic model is known as the Armor of the Sun also from the previously mentioned game, Dark Souls. I will now make a witty comment that compares the difficulty of the game, a feature for which it is reknowned, to a real life situation which is also reknowned for it's difficulty."

        In all fairness, I don't think that a single picture of a Japanese man doing a cosplay in public is place for an article on a international gaming website..

        Sure if there is 20+ pictures of all different people doing cosplay then yes I can see why some people would want it to be posted on here so they can enjoy the pictures, but this is ONE single picture of ONE single Japanese dude doing a cosplay in ONE costume.. it's not worthy of it's own article

          I thought it was a cool article.

          jesus christ! kotaku isnt time magazine and it doesnt try to be. why do people think this?

    Nice costume tho

    Brian, you are the only person who cares.

      This is false, I greatly enjoyed the picture, even if it was a poor excuse for an article

    Bashcraft: two sentence stories.

    I love the way everyone grabs their torches and pitchforks at the mere mention of Brian Ashcraft.
    I will concede that some of the stuff he has done is garbage, but this isn't it. This is a small snippet designed to elicit a chuckle, a titter or a smile.

    Get off the let's hate Bashcraft bandwagon and consider that not everything has to be a 1000 word piece on a world shaking event.

      I need the opposite of a 'Report' button for this comment!
      I agree completely, and if it wasn't a Bashcraft thing, probably nobody would have complained.

    This cosplay is King Arthur from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

    This guy's a regular on 4chan's /v/, he's posted at least another three photos there.

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