Buy Saints Row: The Third On PS3, Get Saints Row 2 For Free

Sony has announced that new purchasers of the PS3 version of Saints Row: The Third (or anyone with an online pass) will get a free digital copy of Saints Row 2 and all of its DLC. The offer will last for 90 days, or until February 13, 2012.


    Hmm... the link says "SCEA" - does that mean this is US only or does it apply to Australia too?

      3rd Paragraph final line...

      "This offer applies to the United States, Canada, and Mexico only."


        Ah... I couldn't actually get the page to load (timed out) so all I could read was the actual URL of the link itself. Oh well, I guess you could import a US copy and redeem it through a US PSN account.

    But I bought it on Xbox. What gives?

      It's an offer by Sony, not V - so essentially, Sony is paying for PS3 users to have a free copy of the previous game.

        But I bought it on Xbox. ;-)

        Pull your finger out M$!

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to customise or upgrade cribs yet?

      It's funny, I just tried looking into this topic on the net and can't find any information on this. The best I could find was some random on Yahoo Answers saying that as you continue to play through the game this feature/ability becomes available. Strange.

        It's not in the list of upgrades and things I haven't unlocked yet.

        I'm in two minds about this game... it feels like a better game, and yet it also feels like less of a game too.

          On the official site there's a thread called, 'Saint's Row The Third Constructive Criticism'. A user, who I assume has played the game extensively, says the following - "Crib customization......or the lack of it".Another guys says the following, "Lack of other customizations (crib, cars, etc.)." Sounds like it's non-existent. :-(

    I checked the link..... "This offer applies to the United States, Canada, and Mexico only."

    Thanks for getting my hopes up!

      Yeh Im with you - in the least the article couldve added this

    Okay, apart form this being a North American offer only (I have a US account if need be), where does it say you get the DLC for free too.
    I have read it a few times to see if I am missing this, but it does NOT say the DLC is for free, it simply says it is available. "enjoy a number of DLC packs"

    is this not a site meaning Australian right?!?!?!

    the why the fack would you retards put up somthing that is only available to people from the U.S, Canada or Mexico????

    FACK YOU!!!!!!!!

      2 reasons.
      1: Many Aus players also have US PSN accounts.
      2: Sloppy Journalism.

        Correct me if Im wrong but Im gonna guess if an Aussie is gonna do that with a US PSN account it also implies that have a US version of the game with a US online pass.

        I'll go with reason 2 - sloppy journalism.

        But in the end it doesn't matter to me because I own a retail copy of the game from when it first came out

    I just red the explanation for the freebie on IGN ( and the reason they are giving SR2 away for free is because THQ promised exclusive multiplayer on PS3 but didnt deliver, so in theory us Aussie SHOULD get this too.

    Any chance of chasing it up Mark??

      Yeah, I'm quietly waiting on whether or not something will popup... they have an easy out though, seeing as the announcement was made at E3, that being a conference predominately for the US, they could claim that it was never intended to be a PAL thing. (although that would be the stupidest thing ever)

      Overly not that fussed as I have the game already, but I personally wouldn't mind a season pass instead! :)

    Updated to now be world wide

    why are some games or dlc limited to 1 region. it really isnt completley exclusive in that case

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