What It Looks Like When Call Of Duty Elite's Social Platform Actually Works

So, getting Call of Duty Elite functional has been a struggle for Activision. The publisher's promising that the social platform built for their best-selling FPS franchise will finally be mostly functional this week.

The mega-publisher's turned out a trailer to celebrate this occasion. In the clip, you'll see an overview of Elite's basic functionality as well as an upsell to entice folks to grab the premium package. I'm guessing that the one million people who've already paid for the highest level of the service won't take too kindly to further service hiccups so Activision better deliver on the whole "Play Better Together" thing.


    That voice over was terrible, the guy sounds like his faking his voice trying to sound like a movie announcer.

    That been said it's good to hear that the service will be functioning soon.

    How about getting the website fixed first so I can finish logging into my old elite account :3

    Its a bit misleading that this is posted under "PC" even though CoD:Elite isn't even available on PC yet.

    Inb4 Valve releases the same thing for free for CS:GO

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that the way they advertise COD games seems to be exactly the same way they market shitty action films.


      Then I notice.. it works.. and then it makes me a little sad.

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